New British eSports Association Will Help Players And Promote Talent

Posted on July 5, 2016 - Last Updated on July 15, 2019

Established on June 30, the British eSports Association is a new national governing body for esports in the United Kingdom that aims at representing competitive video gaming on all levels.

The not-for-profit organization announced its creation in a press release last week.

An all-in-one esports institution

Located at Pinewood Studios, the newly created institution for esports will work with UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport to represent players at all levels.

The association’s aim is to develop a competitive video game scene that will promote current and future talent as well as support existing professionals and provide the infrastructure to create future British global winners.

Anyone interested will be soon able to use the association’s website for latest news on events, teams and leagues, and objective advice for both players and parents.

Said Jules Robinson, head of business development at Pinewood Studios:

“The establishment of the British eSports Association is an important initiative in furthering the credibility of the esports industry in the UK. Pinewood is excited to be part of this national governing body for esports and is aiming to have a new National Training Centre for esports to help with grassroots and future British champions.”

Andy Payne, the former chairman of UKIE (a trade body for UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry), will chair the organization, while veteran businessman Chester King will hold the CEO position.

“I am an admirer of the work of other sports associations such as British Cycling, and I am very confident that if we welcome and embrace all parties in the UK esports scene, we can deliver a range of benefits to all players, from professional to amateur in the UK over time,” said Payne. “These are exciting times in esports and the time is right to build this organization from the grassroots up.”

The British eSports Association will gather feedback from the country’s competitive gaming sector during the next three months to ensure it represents the interests of individual players, teams, game publishers, and broadcasters.

The U.K. government has already become involved in esports by backing the Olympics-style eGames tournament will take place in Rio this summer. The actual games and teams for that are expected to be announced soon.

Esports institution making moves

While some newly established esports institutions are still struggling to get the industry’s acceptance, others are being proactive to further promote the industry on a global scale.

Esports has come a long way from being a small niche industry that was almost unknown by the mainstream public. It has been growing steadily and successfully expanding its global presence, and real money esports betting has been booming right alongside.

As the industry grows, establishing institutions that help and support players and others involved will be an important step for the future success of the competitive gaming market.

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