BTS Pro Series Season 8: Odds, Picks and Predictions

Published: Sep 7, 2021 - Last Updated: Apr 30, 2024

Beyond the Summit has become a household name among Dota 2 fans and many other esports communities. They’ve been organising top-tier esports tournaments across multiple games from the early 2012’s, still going strong almost a decade later.

BTS Pro Series Season 8 comes at an opportune time, a period right before The International 10, which is something many Dota 2 fans will appreciate. This new Dota 2 tournament begins today, and it will be played across two distinct regions – the Americas and Southeast Asia. The event is sponsored by N1 Bet and will have a combined $100.000 prize pool up for grabs.

The action has just begun, so you’re right on time. For the next few weeks, we’ll follow the teams from both regions as they race towards the finish line. We might not know who’ll win, but we’ll surely enjoy the journey ahead.


BTS Pro Series Season 8 – Schedule and Format

The BTS Pro Series Season 8 tournament starts today, on September 7th, and will last until September 26th. That’s plenty of time to keep us busy before the Dota 2 The International betting kicks off.

Both regions in the event will have 10 teams each – two coming from the open qualifier and the remaining eight receiving direct invites. The tournament format is quite straightforward. It all begins with a single round-robin group stage and will later transition into the playoffs.

The top four teams will advance into the upper bracket playoffs, while the 5th-8th spots advance into the lower bracket. The rest are sent home.

The playoffs begin in roughly two weeks, and that’s where the real fun begins. The final teams will clash in a series of best-of-three matches using the double-elimination format, and at the end, only one team from each region will emerge on top. This is when you’ll see the best BTS Pro Series Season 8 odds and will be able to engage in some epic Dota 2 betting.

BTS Pro Series Season 8 Teams

The tournament introduces some new faces along with a few Dota 2 veterans such as Execration. Every team attending the event is hungry for victory, and coupled with the group stage matches being best-of-two, you’ll find great BTS Pro Series Season 8 odds and some pretty explosive matches.

The question is – who are the right picks when it comes to BTS Pro Series Season 8 betting?
We’ll delve a bit deeper and explore some of the teams, pointing out potential favourites with the best BTS Pro Series Season 8 odds.


In the Southeast Asia region, there’s only one auto-pick, and that’s Execration. This Filipino squad has been active since 2014, and as such, they’ve gone through plenty of Dota 2 seasons.

In this case, they’re coming in as one of the top Beyond The Summit Pro Series Season 8 picks, not only for their superior Dota 2 experience but also due to their skill and playstyle.

They’ve always hovered somewhere around the middle, but have proven to be capable of taking key wins when they really need it. They are the winners of the recent Yamei Pro Series, and they might use that recent success as extra motivation to push forward in this event too.

During the group stage, the BTS Pro Series Season 8 Odds might not favour Execration in certain cases, but taking a few risks here and there might still pay off.

4 Zoomers

This is one of the stronger NA Dota 2 teams of today. The core lineup features Gunnar and Husky, which is already a really solid setup. Add in Zfreek, Moo, and the legendary EternalEnvy from Sadboys, who will all be playing with 4 Zoomers for this event, and you get a recipe for success!


Although they’re a young team, they’ve already managed to accomplish much. They nearly qualified for this year’s The International 10, but as luck would have it, Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses took those spots.

Keep an eye on 4 Zoomers in this event and play your cards wisely. N1 Bet already has some great BTS Pro Series Season 8 Odds, so make sure to check them out.

Watch BTS Pro Series Season 8 Live!

If you want to follow the event and watch the games live, make sure to follow the official BTS Twitch stream and catch all the games there.


BTS Pro Series Season 8 will be quite a show, and it’s just what the Dota 2 community needs right now. The schedule fits perfectly and allows for weeks of Dota 2 fun, just in time to warm up for the TI10 betting that’s scheduled in early October.

The event has just begun and it’s too early to make the final BTS Pro Series Season 8 predictions, but that just makes it all the more fun. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality Dota 2 action.


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