BUFF.bet Officially Rebranded as Galaxy.bet

Published: Apr 8, 2022

Since 2018, BUFF.bet has been building a steady following, offering gamblers an advanced casino and sportsbook platform. However, despite the BUFF.bet brand name having existed for almost four years, a sudden and decisive change has taken place. From now on, BUFF.bet will be known as Galaxy.bet, and while the offerings remain the same, the name atop the platform has been changed for good.

This isn’t the first time BUFF.bet has undergone a rebrand – before it became BUFF.bet, it was known as Buff88. Then, in 2020, BUFF.bet merged with X-Bet.co. bringing about another monumental change for the platform. For the last two years, little has changed in the dynamic world of BUFF.bet, up until now. If you’re a fan of BUFF.bet and attempt to access the site, you’ll be instantly redirected to Galaxy.bet.

A Galaxy of New Opportunities


On the 5th of April, the BUFF.bet rebranding was officially announced through social media channels. It came as something of a surprise, with no punters expecting a rebranding to suddenly come bursting across the airwaves. However, for the most part, it’s not a disruptive change, and for fans of BUFF.bet, the gambling action will continue as soon as they’re successfully redirected to Galaxy.bet.

In a Twitter post, the Galaxy.bet account simply explained:

We are pleased to inform you that from 5 April, BUFF.bet is a newly revamped website under the name Galaxy.bet – a galaxy of new opportunities for betting on casino slots, live dealers casino, and virtual sports, esports, and sports.

So, in that one statement, we can fully appreciate that the Galaxy.bet platform will simply continue offering what BUFF.bet has done successfully for many years.

Expanding and Evolving

As a platform, Galaxy.bet is one of the best esports betting sites out there, also offering extensive markets on traditional and virtual sports. It offers a jam-packed, dense casino platform to bettors, boasting some of the most advanced and popular casino games on the market today. There is also a host of promotions, bonuses, and offers that bettors both old and new can take advantage of, making Galaxy.bet a great place to gamble.

In 2020, following the X-Bet.co merger, BUFF.bet acquired eSporbet, another esports betting platform. In a relatively short period of time, BUFF.bet – now Galaxy.bet – has grown at a rapid pace, working hard to become reputable, reliable, and popular with bettors. While this re-branding isn’t expected to cause any real growth, it’s a sign that the owners of Galaxy.bet are constantly thinking about evolution and taking their platform to the next level.

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