Call of Duty League All-Star: AbeZy is the Champion

Posted on May 24, 2021

The Call of Duty League All-Star weekend has come to a close, and the dominant champion has been crowned. Following a decisive winning spree against Skrapz, Standy, Envoy, and Dashy, ABeZy picked up the glorious victory. This marks the second consecutive year an Atlanta FaZe player has taken the win, following Cellium’s win in the 2020 All-Star event.

Throughout the impressive 1v1 run, ABeZy dropped just one map, losing 4 – 6 to Skrapz on the opening ICBM round. From then on, he remained resolute, picking up 2 – 0 wins across the board. Although, it might not come as a surprise that ABeZy was crowned the victor, given that he’s widely regarded as one of the best SMGs in the League.

If there’s a player deserving of that Call of Duty League All-Star title, it’s ABeZy.

Almost an OpTic Opportunity

When the dynamic duo of Envoy and Dashy was voted into the All-Star event, fans predicted an all-OpTic finale. And, if it wasn’t for the overwhelming might of ABeZy, they would have had it. The competition wrapped with Envoy in third place, and Dashy in second, but it could have gone that other way.

However, given that it was a tournament hosted almost entirely for fun and bragging rights, it probably wouldn’t have created any real drama. Once again, though, it did show how sharp OpTic’s players are, despite an inconsistent performance thus far throughout the Call of Duty League.

Taking a Chance on the Draft

It was technically a second victory for ABeZy across the Call of Duty League All-Star weekend, as he was an integral part of the Caster Draft competition. In another ‘for-fun’ tournament, the four Call of Duty League casters drafted a four-man squad and pitted them against each other.

Chance was tactful enough to pick ABeZy, Methodz, Envoy, and Dashy, securing him the win with ease. In the words of Miles Ross, fellow caster and prime opponent:

I have never seen a more powerful makeup of players with the most ruthless raw talent in COD history.

It certainly was something of an effortless victory in the best-of-three match-up. Although Nameless’ team gave it a fair go, it wasn’t enough to overcome Team Chance. The opening Hardpoint awarded a point to Team Nameless, but a decisive Search and a round of Control sealed the win for Chance.

Call of Duty League All-Star: To the Fans

Although the Call of Duty League competitors didn’t win anything too tangible, the CDL fans certainly benefitted from this event. There was a pairing that matched up a random fan with each competitor, and the further that player got, the better the prizes became.

If your player won or came in second, you’d receive everything in the above image. It potentially is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans, who now get to literally sit down and talk with world-class CDL players.

All the regular Call of Duty League action resumes on the 27th of May when Stage Four commences.


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