Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend Approaches

Posted on May 19, 2021 - Last Updated on July 17, 2023

As a special mid-season event, the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend is set to hit our screens on the 22nd and 23rd of May. While the regular season and the Major Tournaments have been electrifying, the All-Star Weekend is a different event entirely.

This one-off special allows the high-octane competitors to relax a little, and enjoy the game. It’s less serious, but there’s still a huge opportunity for players to sparkle in the spotlight. And just who might those players be?

call of duty league all-star weekend roster
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As you can see, every single team in the Call of Duty League is represented in the All-Star Weekend. These players were voted for by fans of the CDL, so there’s already a guaranteed buzz surrounding the event. However, this isn’t a simple tournament as, like last year’s All-Star Weekend, these players will first compete in a tense 1v1 tournament.

The Battle To Prove The Best

The Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend will kick off with an exhilarating 1v1 Gunfight tournament. For those that aren’t aware, Gunfight is a game mode that promotes the most balanced arena possible. The mode is centered around tiny maps, and each player starts the round with the exact same loadout.

It’s a ‘first-to-six’ style of gameplay, like Search and Destroy, but each round can last mere seconds. This stage of the All-Star Weekend will be a simple single elimination bracket, with the ultimate victor being crowned the champion of the CDL.

By nature of the roster, we could see teammates go head-to-head. It’s almost impossible to predict what will happen, and while Call of Duty betting is ever-present, this event is a little tougher to pick odds for.

Diving In To The Deadly Draft

The second area of the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend is the 4v4 Caster Draft Tournament. Each caster for the CDL (Miles, Chance, Nameless, and Studyy) has picked four players to represent them in this mini-tournament. It’s slightly shorter than the Gunfight tournament, but it promises to be quite a spectacle.

At present, we don’t know exactly who has been chosen to fill out which squad. These matches, however, will take a similar style to the beloved ‘8’s’ that are commonplace throughout competitive Call of Duty. In these matches, eight random teammates compete, as opposed to playing a structured team vs. team competition.

As always, the Call of Duty League is offering a pick’em event for all the matches involved. If you’re going to take part, you could win a 15-minute Double XP token for every match you pick correctly.

The action commences on the 22nd May at 3pm EST with the first round of the Gunfight tournament.

Oh, and snipers are enabled…


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