Call of Duty League Champs Weekend Locked In

Published: Jul 8, 2021

Like all good things, the CDL 2021 season must come to an end. However, before that fact becomes written, we have to transition through the Call of Duty League Champs Weekend. In this stage, teams will take part in one final battle to secure the ultimate championship and $1.2 million. It’s the swansong for the Call of Duty League, a beautiful thing that players all around the world truly aspire to.

Firstly, Stage Five must be played, and that includes one final Major Tournament for the season. It’s the last point in which teams can fight to secure a spot in the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend – as of course, not everyone can compete. It’ll be a fond farewell to the bottom four teams in the Call of Duty League, as they’ll be effectively knocked out of the tournament when Major V wraps up.

At present, those teams are as follows (highest to lowest):

Call of Duty League Champs Goes Big With LAN

Image Credit: Call of Duty League

Although fans will be permitted to attend Major V, the CDL Champs weekend is the sweet spot for the calendar. It’s a once-a-year event that promises to be as exhilarating as Call of Duty can possibly get. Last year, fans were starved of the LAN weekend, and this season, it’s coming on in earnest.

The grand finale for the CDL 2021 season will be hosted in the heart of Los Angeles, in the Galen Center. While ticket prices haven’t been confirmed yet, they’re expected to be substantial, and it’s anticipated that they’ll sell out remarkably fast. This season has been one of the hottest on record, and it’s one of the biggest prize pots in Call of Duty history.

In a perfect and well-worded statement regarding the tournament stage, the CDL said:  “We back.”

It describes the mood with sublime accuracy.

The Final Format

As we’ve highlighted, the top eight teams in the CDL will progress into the Call of Duty League Champs Weekend. However, out of those eight, the top six will be automatically entered into the winner’s bracket. The bottom two sides that make it through will open up the loser’s bracket, with the loser of that match being the first to depart from the Weekend.

It’s the same format we’ve been following throughout the entire season, but it’s more restricted in terms of teams. As a standard ruling, the matches will follow a traditional Bo5 format, before wrapping up in the grand final with a Bo9 fixture.

Image Credit: Call of Duty League

Although there’s still plenty to play for, there are some clear favourites going into this ultimate stage. At the top of the table sits Atlanta FaZe, a remarkable distance ahead in first place and boasting one of the best w/l records in Call of Duty history.

Behind them stands Dallas Empire, reigning champions with a hell of a lot to prove as this season wraps up. And finally, although they’re in fourth place, there’s the New York Subliners, an underdog team that has battled relentlessly throughout the entire season to get where it is.

The action commences on August 19th – don’t miss a single second.

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