Call of Duty League: Will FaZe Be Flattened In Stage Four?

Published: May 26, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Following their second Major Tournament win of the season, Atlanta FaZe remains truly dominant heading into CDL Stage Four. However, the Call of Duty League is pushing ever onwards, and teams are becoming hungrier by the minute. Will FaZe be able to stay firm at the top of the Call of Duty League standings for another stage and Major, or will it be dethroned?

As we move into Stage Four of the Call of Duty League, we’re anticipating some exhilarating match-ups. In one group, we have the likes of FaZe, OpTic, and the LA Thieves, all desperate to be the best. In the second group sits Dallas Empire, Toronto Ultra, and the New York Subliners – all incredible contenders.

How will this week unravel?

Subliners Still Secure in Second

The New York Subliners experienced a fantastic run through the third Major Tournament, beating the likes of FaZe and the Florida Mutineers. However, the team fell short of the final victory, dropping a 5 – 2 loss against FaZe, which had regained and climbed back up into the winner’s bracket.

Now, the ultimate underdog side sits in second place, a full one hundred points behind Atlanta FaZe. Although, that gap has been closing for a while now, and NYSL remains as determined as ever to take the top spot. This week, New York will be facing off against the Los Angeles Guerrillas, a match that they’ll win nine times out of ten, on paper.

In the other corner, Atlanta FaZe will be fighting against Paris Legion and OpTic Chicago – can they subdue both opponents to widen the gap?

London Calling

There was another bout of Call of Duty League Rostermania between stages, with two huge changes landing at the Royal Ravens’ door. In the last week, Alexx made a comeback to the squad, and he was joined by AfrO, who is being brought up from the bench.

They replace Zaptius and Zed, and fans are excited for the change-up, hoping it’ll bring a fresh perspective to London’s roster. Although, with that being said, there’s a considerable challenge for the team this week.

In order to succeed, and keep climbing that ladder, the Ravens will need to defeat both Dallas Empire and the Florida Mutineers. It’s a hard ask, but will the new roster deliver the goods?

Is The Empire Crumbling?

The last stage was a tough one for reigning champions, Dallas Empire. Over the course of the stage, they lost matches against Toronto, Florida, FaZe, and OpTic, and failed to win a single map in the Major Tournament.

There have also been some bizarre roster changes, with the team dropping Huke for FeLo, who they subsequently replaced barely two weeks later. Now, Vivid joins the Dallas roster, coming in from the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

For this stage, Dallas Empire will need to bring the fire and fury and secure some big wins. The team currently sits just ten points outside of second place, and they should easily close the distance. This week, they’re facing off against the Ravens, and Toronto. The former match seems like an easy one, but the latter will certainly be a fight to remember. With everything up in the air, bear with us for all Call of Duty betting predictions, news, guides, and much more.

The action kicks off on Thursday, May 27th, at 15:00 EST.


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