Call of Duty League: FaZe Wins Another Major

Posted on June 22, 2021 - Last Updated on July 17, 2023

The fourth Call of Duty League Major has finished, and for a third time this season, Atlanta FaZe is the victorious team. They entered the Major as favourites to win, and with the exception of the close-fought final battle against Dallas, they did just that with ease.

Unfortunately, on the social media side, it has turned out to be a relatively negative Major Tournament. There was an outpouring of melancholy and toxicity on platforms like Twitter, with some top industry talent actively venting anger and sadness alike.

For example, from Clayster, one of the best Call of Duty players in history:

every year its just hurdle after hurdle after hurdle after hurdle and i just don’t konw how much more i got left in me

And from OpTic Chicago’s Scump, another legendary veteran:

Sad. I’ve been sad for months and months. I want to win so badly.

Following this hard-hitting Major, fans are crying out for Activision to address the League’s impact on the players’ mental health.

We Are The Champions… Again

Atlanta FaZe breezed through another Major, bringing their total win count to thirty for this season. They effortlessly dominated Minnesota Rokkr and threw down easily against Toronto Ultra to land the grand final.

Then, it was up to Dallas to stop the #EZAF train, and what an effort it was. It was the closest-fought Major final this season, and it ended 4 – 5 in FaZe’s favour. It all came down to a tense Raid Search and Destroy, and honestly, fans expected Dallas to reign supreme.

However, it wasn’t to be, and Empire fans were left nursing their wounds and cursing some of the game’s worst decisions. Although, the second place result did catapult Dallas Empire back into second place.

Now, there’s just ten CDL points between second, third, and fourth place.

Major Surprises Galore

Out of all the results given by this Major, nobody expected NYSL to have such a hard time of it. The Subliners fell first in a dramatic 0 – 3 loss against Rokkr, before just snatching a 3 – 2 victory over the Mutineers. That was short-lived though, as the next match against Dallas Empire sent them packing with a 3 – 1 loss.

The general blame was placed at the feet of Decemate, who was picked up by NYSL just days before the Major kicked off. It was a bizarre few days for the Subliners, and it obviously took its toll on the players.

OpTic Chicago also had an extremely tough Major, falling against Dallas Empire twice. Furthermore, the follow-up clashes against Seattle and Rokkr just weren’t all that impressive or memorable.

In Other Call of Duty League News

At the lowest end of the table, we saw Seattle put on a great show, beating London and Paris back to back. Then, the bottom-most team in the League almost put up a successful challenge against OpTic.

Ultra, one of the most dominant sides in recent weeks, claimed an opening win against Dallas, before falling 1 – 3 against Atlanta FaZe. Then, Dallas Empire regained and sought retribution, sending Ultra packing from the tournament in third place.

Now, we move into the fifth and final stage of the Call of Duty League regular season. This is the last chance for teams to land some big wins ahead of Champs. And, it’s the final time half of the teams involved will play in this Call of Duty League season.

We’ll have a breakdown of expectations hitting the air very soon.

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