Call of Duty League: OpTic Chicago Still Struggling

Posted on May 31, 2021 - Last Updated on June 1, 2021

Fans were once again left crying for a change following a lackluster performance from OpTic Chicago this week. Although the Greenwall stood strong against Minnesota Rokkr, it crumbled against a tougher opponent. It seems the Call of Duty League is a fickle tournament, as the impressive fire OpTic displayed in Major III all but fizzled out.

In a 3 – 0 win that almost wasn’t,  OpTic dominated a floundering Rokkr. However, when it came time to fight against the mighty FaZe, OpTic became a fish out of the water, flapping irrevocably against the Atlanta side. It was an almost too-familiar result, with OpTic now boasting one of the most inconsistent records in the Call of Duty League.

The relatively remarkable Major run saw OpTic beat LAG, Dallas, and Florida, before losing to Toronto. Before that, however, the only teams OpTic seemed capable of putting down were bottom-table sides like Surge and Ravens. Here’s a little look at the overall record (working backward):

  • Stage III, Week 3: Lost to NYSL and Atlanta FaZe
  • Stage III, Week 2: Lost to LA Thieves
  • Stage III, Week 1: Beat Surge and London Royal Ravens
  • Stage II, Major II: Lost to Toronto, beat Surge, lost to Rokkr
  • Stage II, Week 3: Beat Surge
  • Stage II, Week 2: Lost to Rokkr and Florida
  • Stage II, Week 1: Beat Paris

Outside of Major III, OpTic is yet to beat what you might consider a good team. What will the remainder of this stage bring?

FaZe Unfazed

As you can probably imagine, it was another fine week for Atlanta FaZe. The team effectively decimated Paris Legion and OpTic Chicago without pausing for breath. It was a 3 – 1 result over Paris, and a 3 – 0 win over OpTic, but let’s be honest, were we expecting anything different?

They’ve currently claimed two Major wins, they’re 100+ points clear of second place, and aBeZy was named the All-Star Champion. To put it simply, Atlanta FaZe is absolutely loving life right now.

The situation is unlikely to change for FaZe as Stage Four of the Call of Duty League pushes on. In the coming weeks, the team is set to do battle against Surge, LAT, and Minnesota Rokkr. On paper, there really isn’t much to throw off the ever-dominant Atlanta side.

Could there be a third Major victory coming soon for Atlanta FaZe?

Across The Board

Elsewhere, Florida enjoyed two massive wins over Toronto Ultra and the Royal Ravens this week. The dominant force of Big Wake and Co. proved to be too much for these sides, and they were made to walk the plank.

Dallas Empire almost lost out to the Royal Ravens, before actually losing against Ultra. The turbulence within the Empire team seems to be catching up to it as it too suffers from an inconsistency in performance.

Paris Legion, unfortunately, suffered two huge losses this week, meaning the side rests just ten points outside of last place. It’s Seattle Surge which takes the final spot on the table right now, and the coming weeks aren’t likely to change that fact. The Surge must face FaZe, Rokkr, and OpTic before the next Major Tournament hits.

We wish them the best of luck…

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