Call of Duty League Rostermania as Stage 3 Approaches

Posted on April 18, 2021 - Last Updated on July 17, 2023

The League just doesn’t look the same now as it did when everything kicked off back in February. In recent weeks, the Call of Duty League Rostermania has swept over the landscape, with some big changes taking place. As we approach Stage Three of the tournament, things are really heating up, and the competitors are been moved around like chess pieces.

Since March 3rd, the Call of Duty League Rostermania has led to sixteen changes taking place across the board. While not all of these changes were performance-related, the majority of them have been made in attempts to shore up weak points.

As we look at it now, half of the teams in the Call of Duty League have made changes. At present, Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe, Seattle Surge, New York Subliners, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and OpTic Chicago are yet to make amendments to their rosters.

Call of Duty League Rostermania Changes

Temp Takes over from Fire

It didn’t come as a huge surprise when Temp was benched from LA Thieves’ starting line-up on March 22nd. He was switched out for Venom, who came up from Challengers, following a less than satisfying performance. However, as of April 13th, Temp’s new home is with Paris Legion, taking him from a mid-table to a bottom-table team.

Temp is switching out with Fire, who was completely dropped from the Paris Legion team – he wasn’t even benched. This was the first Call of Duty League Rostermania change of the season that pushed a player completely out of the League.

Slacked Sent to Subs

The inconsistencies of the Florida Mutineers side meant that a roster shake-up was inevitable. Unfortunately, the Call of Duty League Rostermania set its sights on Slacked, a veteran with seven major wins under his belt.

Slacked was pushed to the bench, with Colt ‘Havok’ McLendon being called up from the sub spot to enter the first team. Now, it’ll be up to the refreshed Florida Mutineers team to go big or potentially go home throughout Stage Three.

SlasheR Sliced from Starting Lineup

It was another instance of pushing out old talent in favour of fresh thumbs when the LA Thieves benched SlasheR and called in Drazah. The seven-major victory, 26-year old AR was replaced by fresh-faced, 19-year old Drazah following a string of inconsistent performances by the LA Thieves.

Once near the top of the table, the LA Thieves currently sit right in the centre of the field, boasting a 52.% MW record. Behind the London Royal Ravens (three changes), LA Thieves has been more impacted by the Call of Duty League Rostermania than any other team.

Stage Three is Coming

The Third Stage of the Call of Duty League is set to kick-off on the 22nd April, leading up to that all-important Major on the 12th May. While it’s hard to predict where the Call of Duty League Rostermania will strike next, you can bet hard cash on more changes taking place before the Stage opens up.


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