Call of Duty League Stage Four: Toronto Dominates For Top Seed

Published: Jun 14, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Now that the fourth regular stage has wrapped, there’s nothing between the Call of Duty League and a return to LAN. It’s what the fans have been waiting (and pleading for) for weeks now, and it’s finally here. For the fourth Major Tournament, teams will go head-to-head in Dallas, playing on LAN for the first time this season.

But how did the last week of the fourth stage wrap up?

Let’s shine a little light on Toronto Ultra, easily the most dominant side this week, fighting to pick up two 3 – 0 wins. Firstly, the team threw down against the Los Angeles Guerrillas, decimating the side in every one of the three games played.

Then, remarkably, Ultra slew the Subliners, and although it was a much closer match, NYSL just couldn’t gain traction. This meant Toronto Ultra finished the stage on a 4 – 1 record, happily sauntering into top seed for the Major. Can they issue a repeat performance from Major II, when they picked up the grand prize?

Hit and Miss For OpTic Chicago

Image Credit: OpTic Chicago (Twitter)

Although the stats for Scump read very nicely, OpTic Chicago fell a little short this week. In a loss that pushed that even further from fourth place, OpTic fell against Seattle Surge – the bottom-most team in the table.

It was one of just five wins Surge has picked up this season, and it was over one of the most prestigious brands in Call of Duty. However, in a showdown against the LA Thieves, OpTic Chicago seemed to regain. As you can see in the graphic above, Scump picked up an incredible 3.25 ratio in a round of Control.

That was the most distanced game in the series, with Chicago refusing to drop a single point. It was a strong end to the week for OpTic, which will now face off against Dallas Empire in the first stage of the winner’s bracket in Major IV.

FaZe Picks Up Perfect Stage… Again

Image Credit: Atlanta FaZe (Twitter)

Of course, as another stage wraps up, Atlanta FaZe clutches another perfect record. In another dramatic showing of consistency and ability, FaZe ended stage four with a massive 5 – 0 record, having beaten Paris, OpTic, Seattle, LAT, and Rokkr.

This week featured a particularly spicy win over Minnesota, which put up a remarkable fight against FaZe. The opening round of Hardpoint ended with just four points between the teams. It seemed like Minnesota was refusing to give up without a fight, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Atlanta.

Now, FaZe has secured the extremely advantageous seed for Major IV, sitting at the front with Toronto Ultra. In Major II, the final was fought between these two sides – are we going to see a repeat of that when Major IV kicks off?

If Atlanta FaZe is allowed to win a third Major this season, there’s no way any other team can catch them in the regular season. However, if Subliners or Dallas win the Major, things could change in stage five for the Call of Duty League. Stay tuned for more news, guides, and Call of Duty betting predictions.


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