Call of Duty League: Subliners Storm The Stage

Published: Jun 7, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The Florida Mutineers Home Series has wrapped, and we’re left with some surprising results. Of course, the Call of Duty League never disappoints where unexpected victories or losses occur, but this week was a doozy. Unfortunately, not every team in the Call of Duty League table had something to celebrate this week.

Take Seattle Surge,  for example – the bottom-of-the-table team lost both fixtures this week and only saw victory on one map. It has been weeks since the team saw a considerable victory, and it’s so far down at the bottom of the table, it’s unreal. However, Paris Legion and the Royal Ravens aren’t far behind, with both EU sides being tied at 70 CDL points total.

At least Paris picked up a win this week, right?

Subliners Solid In Second

Image Credit: EnvyTV (YouTube)

It was a blissful moment for Clayster, finally securing a big win over Dallas Empire. There’s a little bad blood between the teams, owing to Clayster being dropped at the tail end of the 2020 Call of Duty League season. He’d been integral in Dallas Empire securing the world championship, but was dropped from the side with very little warning.

This season, in the opening stage, Dallas Empire beat the Subliners 3 – 0. And then, in the second stage, they did it again, devastating the New York side even further. Now, in a tense and extremely close battle, Clayster and his New York Subliners have prevailed over the reigning champions.

Atlanta FaZe On An Eight-Streak

Image Credit: Esports Talk

Outside of the third Major Tournament (which they won), Atlanta FaZe currently sits on an eight-match win streak. In recent weeks, the FaZe side has been unrelenting, dominating every opponent that stands up against it. The last time they lost a match in the regular season was on the 25th of April, against the New York Subliners.

This week, FaZe punished Seattle Surge and the LA Thieves, handing both a decisive 0 – 3 loss. In many ways, it was an embarrassing display for both of the losing sides, which failed to gain any kind of momentum as the matches wore on.

Surge gave up a Hardpoint at 199 – 250, and a Control at 0 – 3, while the Thieves fell remarkably short in the Search, landing a 0 – 6 record. It was an easy week for Atlanta.

Mid-Table Madness

Image Credit: Call of Duty League

As we climb ever closer to that long-awaited return to LAN, all the teams are scrabbling for some action. However, for many of the mid-table sides, traction and momentum seem like unobtainable targets.

Through this stage, the Los Angeles Guerrillas are 0 – 3, serving as the best example of the mid-table madness. The LA Thieves also boast a negative record, while OpTic Chicago and Minnesota Rokkr maintain a positive count – just. At the moment, the mid-table side worth watching is the Florida Mutineers, which has claimed a 3 – 1 record through this stage.

The bouts will continue for one more week, and then we’re heading into the fourth Major Tournament, so follow us for even more Call of Duty betting predictions, news,  and guides.. And do you know what comes after that? The final regular stage…


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