Call of Duty League: Will FaZe Win The LAN Major?

Published: Jun 17, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 22, 2023

The long-awaited return to LAN is finally here, and the competitors are stoked. There’s a buzz in the air, and the entire Call of Duty League competitive landscape is set to change once again. In Major IV, players will quite literally be face-to-face as they face-off for the chance to win $700k and 75 CDL points.

Of course, Atlanta FaZe is the favourite to win this Major, just as it did with Major I and Major III. Although Toronto Ultra interrupted FaZe’s chances of winning Major II, the Atlanta team simply didn’t slow down in stages three and four. Now, with FaZe sitting on a 5 – 0 record during the main stage, the teams embark on another huge Major adventure.

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From The Bottom To The Top

The competition will commence with a desperate battle between Seattle Surge and the London Royal Ravens. These two sides sit flat-bottom in the Call of Duty League table, and every single win will be a huge victory at the major. Seattle is fresh from a win against OpTic Chicago this week, something that may have boosted morale a little.

Following that fixture, we’re treated to a derby of sorts: Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. LA Thieves. Which team from the City of Angels will walk out of this match the victor? I’d personally put my faith in the Call of Duty odds for the LA Thieves, but whoever loses will be dropping from the tournament entirely.

And then, we’ll see two Call of Duty powerhouses go head-to-head – Dallas Empire vs. OpTic Chicago. This’ll be the closing match of the first day, and it’s a massive one. Whichever team loses drops down into the loser’s bracket, and honestly, I believe that’ll be OpTic.

Regardless of how ready they are to return…

Everything To Play For

At the moment, the only other confirmed fixture is Minnesota Rokkr vs. New York Subliners. In the last Major, NYSL put on an incredible show, pushing through Florida and FaZe, only to fall in the grand final. Can they issue a repeat performance? I’d like to think so – even if the squad has been forced to drop Asim and pick up Decemete as a replacement.

This is the second-to-last Major tournament, and there really is so much to play for. If Atlanta FaZe is allowed to claim another victory, they all but seal their CDL 2021 season win, regardless of the Championship stage yet to come. There are some mighty contenders out there, and one of them might just take FaZe down a peg this Major.

If the Subliners can win, then they might snatch first place from FaZe… If Atlanta’s performance suddenly wavers somewhat.

Don’t miss a single moment of the action when it kicks off – on LAN – on the 17th of June.

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