Call of Duty Mobile 1st Birthday Set To Go Off With a Bang!

Published: Oct 15, 2020

Often when a new game reaches its first birthday, companies may celebrate with a little addition to the latest update to commemorate the fact. However, the first year of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be celebrated in a much grander fashion.

That’s because in addition to launching a brand new season, a host of new events, and even a new social space for players to interact and chat, the game will also feature a brand new Battle Royale map and those of you that played Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will recognise the map as Alcatraz from the game’s Blackout mode.

The new map will also feature a number of bespoke items players can earn through their play such as rare weapon camos and a new calling card.

The celebratory “Anniversary Update” is available now for players on Android and iOS and the game designers Activision have stated that the update is the ‘biggest injection of content ever’ for the popular mobile version of the console smash hit.

“The Club”

Alongside a brand new playable map, the new update also features “The Club”, which is the new social space for players to socialise, chat and if they wish, play a variety of mini-games, all from within the Call of Duty Mobile app.

The club features four selectable soundtracks and also an Anniversary Machine, which players can spin to try and earn themselves some special rewards. You can earn coins to spend on the Anniversary Machine by playing multiplier and Battle Royale maps and completing tasks in some of the mini-games available in The Club.

Image Credits | Activision

Each spin of the Anniversary Machine will earn you points and if you collect enough points, you can unlock some exciting new rewards including weapon blueprints, character skins, charms, and calling cards.

New Season Available in Battle Pass

Season 11 will launch with the Anniversary Battle Pass and there is a host of new content available to celebrate Call of Duty Mobile’s first year. If you unlock the Free Tiers only, then you can play to Tier 21 of the 50 new tiers available with the Battle Pass.

However, if you pay for the Premium Pass then all 50 tiers are unlocked and will feature new options on the Operator Roster including Spectre – Pixel Spy, Reaper – Premium, Zero-Nebula, and Scylla-Future V ice. In addition, you can unlock a variety of new weapons, including some taken from the Anime-style Neon series.

Image Credits | Call of Duty Mobile

Alongside this content, there will be several new game modes and maps available including Gunfight, 1v1 Duel, King, and the popular Halloween Standoff will also return. There are also several new multiplayer modes to enjoy too.

Stellar First Year

The Anniversary Update is a fine way to end what has been a hugely successful year for Call of Duty Mobile. With over 300 million downloads, the title has seen the number of maps increased from 11 at launch to 23 and also from one multiplayer mode option to a huge 27.

In addition, the Battle Royale Map size has also been increased in size by more than 50% over the last year or so. Add that 1,200 more weapons from the 200 that were in the game at release and now over 182 playable characters, it is easy to see why so many mobile players have been keen to give the game a try.

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