Call of Duty Mobile Season Five ‘In Deep Water’

Published: Jun 30, 2021

At the moment, Call of Duty Mobile is running one season ahead of Cold War and Warzone, which just ticked onto their fourth season. Recently, Activision announced the next stage and a fresh portion of the content roadmap for CODM. Here’s the breakdown of everything coming in the Call of Duty Mobile season five update, known as ‘In Deep Water’.

These updates usually follow a particular style or theme, which players and fans of the franchise enjoy. In the last update, Activision introduced the ‘Spurned & Burned’ update, which took on a Wild West theme. This time, CODM players will receive a free naval-themed update, bringing with it a host of new epic weapons, characters, and accessories.

Prepare to Enter Deep Water


When Call of Duty Mobile season five drops, it’ll bring the character known as Ghost back into the action. Alongside the legendary COD character are four more epic character skins. These include the likes of Roze, Rorke, Otter, and Merrick, all sporting naval-themed outfits.

The epic weaponry coming in season five also boasts a general nautical theme. There’s the BK57 ‘Counter Stealth Unit’, joined by an awesome Amax variant called the Torpedo. It’s the first time fans will have seen the CR-56 Amax in Call of Duty Mobile, but it has long been a favoured AR in the Warzone scene.

There’s a new OXR variant called Close Catch, a Bizon named Devilfish, and a DR-H named Rebreather. Furthermore, there’s a new charm, a K9 Unit skill, and a naval-themed swimming emote.

New Places to Play


Call of Duty Mobile season five also brings with it three new maps. There’s Suldal Harbor, Docks, and Aniyah Incursion. Once again, these maps have been seen in previous iterations of Call of Duty, a common trend for COD Mobile. These maps promise to offer a mix of gameplay styles, covering 5v5, 10v10, and Gunfight modes.

And on the subject of modes, we’ll also be seeing a new Cranked variant called Cranked: Confirmed. It’s as you might expect – the frantic environment of Cranked mixed with the age-old mode of Kill Confirmed. There’s also a fresh mode called Ground Mission, which is essentially a larger variant of Domination on a 10v10 scale.

Finally, players can also pick up two new perks – Gung-Ho and Time Traveler. These are industry favourites, coming in from titles like Cold War and Black Ops 4. The former will permit players the ability to hip-fire, reload, and use lethal equipment while sprinting. The latter perk allows a player to literally glitch back in time, moving back a few steps in instant time.

The Call of Duty Mobile In Deep Water update drops on the 28th of June. Be the first to play and the first to take those early steps on the all-important Battle Pass.


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