Call of Duty Season Four Is Finally Here

Posted on June 15, 2021 - Last Updated on June 17, 2021

Every time a season in Warzone and Cold War is approaching its end, it seems to take forever for it to wrap up. Fans are left to wait and wonder what might come in the next gargantuan update, unaware of what will be revealed. Thankfully, that time has arrived, and Call of Duty Season Four is finally here.

On June 17th, Call of Duty fans will be treated to the full platter: a new Battle Pass, new game modes, maps, weapons, and operators. It’s a tantalising package that doesn’t ever disappoint, and it brings with it new playing fields, new metas, and fresh ways to play.

Image Credit: Call of Duty (Twitter)

As the roadmap suggests, there’s a huge list of things to come for season four – let’s break it down.

New Ways To Play

Call of Duty’s season four update brings with it a whole host of new weapons to play with. There’s the MG82 LMG, the C58 assault rifle, a Nail Gun, the OTs 9 SMG, and a mace – a tough, brutal melee weapon. There’s something for everyone this season… Unless you’re a sniper.

The C58 is a FAL-looking AR with exceptionally high damage and low recoil – a surefire new meta for Warzone. Meanwhile, the MG82 is a twisted cross between something old and something new, a death-dealing lead spitter like no other.

If you’re an SMG fan, check out the OTs 9 – it’s most similar to the Skorpion, a small but mighty machine pistol. The Nail Gun is more of a fun and less tactical weapon, and the mace is exactly as it sounds. You’ll spend many happy hours stoving in people’s heads with it.

Most of these weapons are shown in the teaser trailer released by Call of Duty:

Putting Season Four on the Map

In true Call of Duty style, season four will provide players with exciting new maps to explore. This time around, players will be treated to four main-game maps and one new round-based zombies map.

Firstly, there’s Collateral (and Collateral Strike), a 12v12 and 6v6 desert environment with long sightlines. Next up is Amsterdam, a particularly small map reserved exclusively for 2v2 and 3v3 gamemodes. Finally, there’s Hijacked, an extremely popular map taken from Black Ops II, set aboard a stranded yacht.

Oh, and mid-season, players will also receive access to Rush, a paintball-themed map also from Black Ops II.

And then, for zombies fans, there’s Mauer Der Toten, a Berlin-based map that may bring back more old-school Nazi Zombies maps.

Into The Warzone

Activision has planned an array of content for Warzone, as teased by a recent statement:

Perseus’s plans to activate its sleeper cells may have failed, but Verdansk ’84 is still a hotbed for nonstop action as Warzone enters Season Four alongside Black Ops Cold War.

It seems several satellites have bombarded Verdansk, crashing all over the map. There will be all manner of fine items to pilfer from these sites – should you be the first ones to reach them in-game. There will also be a host of new operations and events within Warzone, as well as an entirely new Gulag to compete in.

There’s plenty to grab this season – don’t miss a moment of the action.

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