CBLOL and LLA Reignite League of Legends Action in South America

Published: Jan 17, 2020

Latin American League of Legends teams have greatly improved their performance in recent years and the region performed well internationally.

The CBLOL and LLA are by far the strongest championships on the continent and both of them resume this week. Hundreds of matches will be played during the regular season and the playoffs, with the fans flocking to the arenas in Mexico and São Paulo.

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paiN Gaming are the CBLOL Summer 2020 Favourites

paiN Gaming were disappointing in 2019 and were unable to achieve any of the goals set at the beginning of the season. As the CBLOL Summer 2020 resumes this week, they appear to be the team to beat, after bringing in some extraordinary players. Two South Koreans will feature in their roster and their former ADC has returned as well, so the odds of 3/2 offered by Rivalry on them to win this season are justified.

INTZ has retained its position as the most likely runner-up after playing at a decent level in 2018 and 2019. They are the only team in the CBLOL Summer 2020 to feature exclusively Brazilian players in the starting formation. Flamengo eSports were head and shoulders above their competitors in 2019, but they now get esports betting odds of 10/1 to win the championship. They have lost their ADC and Top lane players during the season break, but at least were able to hold on to their own South Korean players.

Cblol 2019 Final

Isurus Gaming and All Knights Reignite LLA Rivalry

The LLA Opening 2020 already looks like a two-team affair, as Isurus Gaming and All Knights stand out from the crowd of eight teams. They were far better than their competitors in 2019 and finished on the top two places, before cruising through the playoffs. Isurus Gaming swept All Knights in the grand final, but this year, bookmakers tend to offer identical odds. LoL betting fans will get betting odds of 23/10 at ArcaneBet on each team to win the tournament, and only 1/2 on them to qualify to the finals.

Isurus Gaming rely exclusively on players from Latin America, but in spite of lacking South Korean talent, we trust them to win he LLA Opening 2020. All Knights also have a strong and experienced roster, but they are known chokers in decisive matches. When pitch comes to shove and the two teams meet in the final, another sweep can’t be ruled out. There’s a long way to go before the playoffs, but these two squads should be able to finish on the podium.

Two teams have promoted to the LLA the season and not surprisingly, they are credited with the worst chance to win the championship. Azules Esports is an all-Chilean outfit, while Pixel Esports Club is a team that had to claw its way back to the top division after relegating one year before.

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