CDL 2022: Final Qualifiers Completed Ahead of Major III

Published: May 29, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

We’re mere days away from the third and penultimate Major Tournament in the 2022 Call of Duty League season. It has been a remarkably long journey thus far, and there are signs of some teams potentially wavering as the year takes its toll. This weekend, teams and fans alike bore witness to some huge upsets, a potential betrayal from the League, and a redemption story for some low-table teams. What exactly happened in the last week in the CDL 2022?

Read on to pick up the full breakdown of the weekend’s events.

Betrayed or Not Betrayed?

It was a scene bursting with drama and tension. In the Mutineers vs. Boston fixture, everything was as balanced as could be, with both teams leapfrogging over the other at every opportunity, back-to-back. There was an opening Hardpoint which ended 250 – 248 (FLA), followed by an assortment of closely matched games. However, in the final round – the SND on Berlin, tragedy struck.

It was round eleven, and suddenly, TJHaLy of Boston Breach suffered a crash, whilst holding a glide bomb. Following the reset, Boston was on the defensive side of the round, and TJHaLy found himself without his game-changing killstreak. It ultimately led to the team’s defeat, and almost instantly, the community at large was up in arms.

This was the talking point for the entire weekend. Forget that Atlanta FaZe lost 0 – 3 to a mid-table Minnesota Rokkr, or that the Subliners decimated OpTic Texas. This was a story of betrayal by the League, which lacked a system that could accommodate the circumstances caused by a crash.

CDL 2022 is Coming to an End

Following the upcoming Major III, we’ve only got one Major Tournament left in the season. Then, finally, we’ll fall into the Call of Duty Champs 2022 event, the crowning glory of a year of Call of Duty League action.

But there is still plenty to take away from this week’s round of Qualifiers.

In a rather shocking twist, Minnesota Rokkr handed Atlanta FaZe, the leading team in the table, a huge 3 – 0 loss. It was a resounding defeat that left the FaZe squad questioning its tactics.

Elsewhere, the Subliners found a little last-minute redemption with a 3 – 1 victory over OpTic Texas. This was a monumental moment for NYSL, effectively marking the first-ever time that the team has defeated OpTic Texas on the battlefield.

As we move into Major III, there’s a tense mid-table situation festering. There are four teams bunched up with just 10 points between them, and towards the bottom, it’s a desperate race to climb out of the ‘relegation zone’. At present, there’s almost no hope, save for a miracle, for Paris Legion to make it to COD Champs this year. However, the New York Subliners are fighting hard and currently sit just 20 points behind the Mutineers.

If the New York squad can make the climb at Major III, we could be looking at a completely different story come Major IV. If you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, don’t sleep on this ultimate underdog side.

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