CDL 2022: Which Teams Won Big in First-Ever Bounty Week?

Published: May 23, 2022

Following an intense weekend of battle, six teams in the Call of Duty League went home $10k richer. This was the first-ever Bounty Week – a special event designed to reward teams simply for winning their regular fixtures. As we move ever closer to the Major III tournament, every point matters for these teams. Now that we’ve broken out of Bounty Week, there are five teams tied up in the standings, with the middle of the table being as close as it could possibly be.

Currently, Toronto Ultra, Florida Mutineers, and LA Thieves are all sitting on 80 CDL points, while Seattle Surge and Minnesota Rokkr are tied up with 90 CDL points apiece. Further up the table, OpTic Texas has closed the gap slightly and now sits just five points behind Atlanta FaZe.

Let’s break down the Bounty Week.

Bring Home The Bounty

Last week, we published an article discussing our predictions for the CDL Bounty Week. Here’s how we fared in the great guessing game that is Call of Duty betting:

Friday, May 20th

Saturday, May 21st

Sunday, May 22nd

So, we correctly predicted 50% of the fixtures – that’s not a bad figure, but it goes to show how unpredictable the CDL truly is.

Looking back, the highlight of the week was the OpTic Texas vs. Atlanta FaZe fixture. It was a dominating display by OpTic, especially considering it was the CDL debut for Prolute, stepping up to fill in for the absent iLLey. It was a remarkable performance by OpTic, and it left the team sitting with a 3 – 0 record for the Major III qualifying stage.

Elsewhere, it was a mixed bag for the likes of NYSL, beating Paris 3 – 0 but falling against Toronto and dropping down into the ‘relegation zone’. As it stands today, both Paris Legion and NYSL will not have a place in the Call of Duty League Champs.

Closing In On The Major

This is the final week that teams can hammer out their seeding for the Major III tournament, which takes place between the 2nd and 5th of June. There are high expectations for the teams at the top heading into the remaining fixtures of the qualifying stage, but will any major waves be seen before the tournament?

For instance, there are just five points between OpTic and FaZe on the table, but both teams have relatively unchallenging fixtures ahead of them. This week, Atlanta will take on Minnesota and LAG, while OpTic will do battle against NYSL and the LA Thieves. We could see a perfect round for OpTic Texas and the advantageous seeding for Major III. Will it be enough to produce another major tournament victory for the Greenwall this season?

Let’s wait and see.

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