CDL Bounty Week: Which Teams Will Win Their $10k Matches?

Published: May 19, 2022

For the first time in Call of Duty League history, a CDL Bounty Week is about to take place. This all-new feature will see all twelve teams be given the opportunity to earn an extra $10k this week, simply for winning a match. As a bonus feature, the CDL Bounty Week is designed to give teams an incentive to win their closely-matched bouts. There are six matches lined up that feature this offer, and they all feature teams almost immediately alongside one another in the CDL standings.

It’s business as usual for the fans and viewers around the world. For the teams competing, however, there’s a tantalising prize pool on the line – and to win, they have to do exactly what they’ve been doing since day one. If you’re taking part in a little Call of Duty betting this weekend, then read on – we’re offering key predictions on the CDL Bounty Week fixtures.

Bring On The Bounty Week

Could OpTic Texas storm into first place this week?

Over three days, the six fixtures are spread out according to what already existed in the schedule. This is one of the tightest contests in Call of Duty League history, with many teams being more closely matched up than ever before. It’s a tough competition for all involved, but with this cash incentive, some teams could push themselves to move up the table at least one place this weekend.

As we move ever closer to the third Major tournament of the season, every point matters. Following the completion of the Toronto Ultra Major on June the 5th, we’ll have just one stage left in the competition – the New York/Boston Major. It’s wrapping up quickly, and if you’re looking to take advantage of the hottest Call of Duty League betting markets, you’ll need to move fast.

Here are the fixtures for the CDL Bounty Week, mixed in among non-bounty matches:

Friday, May 20th

Saturday, May 21st

Sunday, May 22nd

CDL Bounty Week Predictions

There’s a buzz around the Boston vs. London fixture, mainly due to the fact that it’s a constant battle to be in the top three on the board. At the moment, there are just ten points separating these two teams, and the last time they met was way back at the end of March when the Ravens beat Boston 3 – 1. We’re under the impression that they’ll do the same again.

For the low-table teams, it’s a great chance to earn $10k, if nothing else. We’d suggest that you back the Subliners in the NYSL vs. Paris Legion fixture, and Ultra in the Toronto vs. Rokkr series. With LA Thieves vs. Seattle Surge, it’s anyone’s game, but admittedly, the Thieves are coming in with the edge. Out of the last seven matches, Seattle has won just one fixture, against Paris Legion, losing every match at the Pro-Am Classic.

Elsewhere, it’s a fine option to bet on the Mutineers in the Florida vs. LAG fixture. While the Guerrillas shockingly stormed to victory at the second Major of the season, the team has been in a slump since winning big. Finally, there’s the most important match of the CDL Bounty Week – the OpTic Texas vs. Atlanta FaZe series.

This is a constant fight for first place, with just five points separating these two teams. Could OpTic Texas smash into the top position on the board and secure the $10k prize? We’d like to think so, and it’s definitely worth backing the Greenwall to go all the way.

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