CDL Major II Qualifiers: Clayster Benched, OpTic Texas Continues Streak

Posted on March 21, 2022

In one of the biggest and most unexpected developments of the season, Call of Duty veteran, Clayster, has been benched by NYSL. It was a move that some may have seen coming, but it still came as quite a shock to all involved. There was a debacle surrounding the announcement, as essentially, the League leaked the move before it was confirmed. In a personal statement delivered on Twitter, Clayster admitted that this could spell the end of his decade-long career in competitive Call of Duty:

I know I’m not guaranteed a spot, I’ve seen this happened to a lot of pros, especially pros that get upwards of age, and, you know, this could be it for my competitive career.

For the time being, Clayster and the New York Subliners have all but parted ways. He has directly addressed the fact that he is out of the competition until after Major II, at which point, he’ll need to be picked up by another team or drop out entirely. In another statement, he addressed the possibility that he may be leaving professional gaming behind entirely. It’s a huge piece of news in the Call of Duty space, especially considering Clayster is one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time.

Elsewhere In The Call of Duty League

Outside of the Clayster revelation, waves are being sent throughout the Call of Duty League by the likes of OpTic Texas. Following a storm of dominating play, which included a Major I victory, the all-new team remains firmly at the top of the CDL table. In fact, OpTic Texas hasn’t lost a single match since the 6th of February, almost effortlessly slaying down every other top contender on the roster.

This weekend, OpTic picked up a big win against both Seattle Surge and the Florida Mutineers. However, at present, just five points separate the team from Atlanta FaZe – it would be a different story if FaZe had managed to beat Seattle in the first week of the Major II Qualifiers. It’s a mostly neck-and-neck race, with red and green both vying for the top spot and the most advantageous seeding at the Major II tournament.

Elsewhere, New York Subliners picked up a dramatic victory that included its first Hardpoint win of the season. This win came following the news that Clayster would be benched, with Paulehx taking his place. It was a much-needed win that secured 10 CDL points for the Subliners, a team that currently sits second from bottom in the table.

Moving Forward

It’s a heated competition this year, with many matches going down to the wire. This week, we saw more too-close-to-call Hardpoint rounds than ever before, with many going into the highest digits possible:

  • FaZe vs. Ultra: 250 – 239
  • Rokkr vs. Thieves: 246 – 250
  • Boston vs. Ultra: 250 – 247
  • Surge vs. OpTic: 240 – 250
  • Ravens vs. Paris: 247 – 250

There’s more neck-and-neck behaviour ongoing in this year’s season than ever before. It’s shaping up to be one hell of a year, and some of these teams are exhibiting breakneck talents. If you’re taking part in any Call of Duty League betting, you’re likely feeling the exhilaration. The next round of play kicks off on Friday the 25th of March with a Paris Legion and Toronto Ultra showdown.



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