CDL 2022: Final Week Wraps With Major IV To Follow

Published: Jul 11, 2022

It’s time to say goodbye to the regular season of the Call of Duty League, as the final week has now been played out in full. As the final weeks of the CDL schedule wrap up, we say farewell to online qualifiers and hello to Major IV and the Call of Duty League Championship. Following an intense Bounty Week, the board is set for Major IV and all twelve of the teams featured in the roster are ready to go – but which four will be cast out from the competition ahead of COD Champs?

At the moment, Atlanta FaZe tops the table with 290 CDL points, while OpTic Texas sits some way behind in second place with 235 CDL points. We’ve got a dramatic weekend ahead of us, as Major IV approaches and teams fight at the final post to secure those all-important points. While Paris Legion is effectively out of the tournament with a record of 2 – 22, the likes of the New York Subliners, Florida Mutineers, and Minnesota Rokkr still have a chance to make it to COD Champs.

Let’s see what happened last weekend.

Subliners Suddenly Stopped


Everybody predicted the New York Subliners would produce a perfect 5 – 0 record in the final week of the Major IV qualifiers, but it wasn’t to be. In the final fixture of the week, the LA Thieves fought well and handed NYSL a 3 – 2 loss, but perhaps it was for the best. Now, as a result of that loss, NYSL enters the Major IV winner’s bracket with an initial match against Minnesota Rokkr and not Atlanta FaZe.

If the Thieves can produce an epic upset and knock FaZe down into the loser’s bracket, it makes NYSL’s journey that much easier. At the moment, the Subliners need a perfect run through Major IV – and a win – to make it to COD Champs this year. If you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, that’s your underdog.

Elsewhere in the competition, OpTic Texas experienced a terrible qualifying stage, ending the round with a 1 – 4 record. As we head into the Major, OpTic Texas must wait patiently in the loser’s bracket for an opponent that could knock them out of the competition rather unceremoniously.

Is This What We Expected?

For Paris Legion, the 2022 Call of Duty League season is over, as the team comes out of the Major IV qualifying stage with a 0 – 5 record. This year, Paris Legion has secured one of the worst scorelines in Call of Duty esports history. Not far behind Paris Legion sat Seattle Surge, boasting a 1 – 4 record that was the polar opposite of the team’s victory run at Major III. There are many claiming that the win was one of the most unpredictable flukes in the history of the game, and there’s no chance that Seattle will repeat that performance at Major IV.

As we fill in the gaps, we can easily see that most of the mid-table teams enjoyed a bang-average performance in the run-up to Major IV. There’s quite a mixed bag on display for Major IV and it truly is anyone’s game, but if you’re looking for a Call of Duty League betting strategy, it’d be a good idea to back the likes of Atlanta FaZe.

Here are the opening fixtures:

Thursday, July 14th:

Friday, July 15th:

Let’s wait and see what drama unfolds at Major IV.

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