CDL Stage 3 Major Overview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Posted on March 7, 2023

Following an the exciting online Stage 3 Qualifiers, competitive CoD is heading towards its next anticipated Major. Accordingly, the CDL Stage 3 Major is later on this week and is an awesome esports betting opportunity. Bearing this in mind, we’ve gathered all of the CoD esports betting odds and predictions you need!

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CDL Stage 3 Major Preview – Two More Stages

Marking the halfway point of the season, the CDL Stage 3 Major looks to be an essential chapter in the 2023 Call of Duty League season.

Moreover, the event looks to be hosted by the community’s favourite Call of Duty team – OpTic Texas. With $500,000 on the line, the 12 franchised teams have been fighting in online qualifiers to earn the best seeding possible for this event.

Taking place from 9th to 12th March, the format of the event is similar to all of the other CoD tournaments of the season. Specifically, 8 CDL teams will be starting in the Upper Bracket side of a double elimination bracket, while 4 CDL teams start in the Lower Bracket.

Risking elimination in every Lower Bracket match, teams will want to try and reach the BO7 Grand Final, where another CDL champion will be crowned.

Starting things off, we have our opening BO5 Upper Bracket matches – find the schedule for these matches listed below:

March 9th

  • Toronto Ultra vs New York Subliners (19:30 CET)
  • Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas  (21:00 CET)
  • Boston Breach vs OpTic Texas (22:30 CET)

March 10th

  • Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Thieves (00:00 CET)

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Toronto Ultra vs New York Subliners

Starting things off, we have two teams who are believed to feature some of the best Call of Duty players in the CDL. Ever since both teams underperformed at the CDL Stage 2 Major, they’ve bounced back in a big way in the online qualifiers.

Furthermore, Toronto Ultra have made an impressively smooth roster change, from which they’ve only seen improvement. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that New York Subliners are the Stage 1 Major champions from this year. All things considered, should be a heavily contested match. 

  • Prediction: Toronto Ultra (3-2) New York Subliners
  • Odds: Toronto Ultra Outright Win (1.75), New York Subliners Outright Win (1.95)
  • Betting Site: Thunderpick
CDL Stage 3 Major Preview - New York Subliners
Image Credits; New York Subliners

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Moving on, Seattle Surge have been through a rollercoaster of performances. After finishing 9-12th at the CDL Stage 2 Major, and being unable to win S&D, they ended the Stage 3 Qualifiers with the highest ranking.

Considering this, together with the slump in form from Los Angeles Guerrillas, Seattle will likely prove as to why this team has stuck together for so long.

  • Prediction: Seattle Surge (3-1) Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Odds: Seattle Surge Outright Win (1.15), Los Angeles Guerrillas Outright Win (4.80)
  • Betting Site: Thunderpick

Boston Breach vs OpTic Texas

Green sparks will fly between the likes of Boston Breach and OpTic Texas. Under the heat of a controversial roster change and a burning fan base, OpTic Texas desperately need to win here.

Although Boston Breach do rank higher in the qualifier stage, their easier schedule and less talented roster does make them likely to lose out here. Overall, OpTic Texas will take care of business with the LAN debut of “Ghosty”. 

  • Prediction: OpTic Texas (3-1) Boston Breach
  • Odds: OpTic Texas Outright Win (1.65), Boston Breach (2.10)
  • Betting Site: Thunderpick

Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Thieves

Remember the Stage II Major Grand Final? If not, it featured the likes of Atlanta FaZe and Los Angeles Thieves. Respected as the top two teams in the Call of Duty League, the community is being treated with such an early conflict early on.

While FaZe have the upper hand due to their prowess in Control and their recent Major victory, Los Angeles Thieves can easily square up in the respawns and capitalize on any errors. As with the first game, this will be very tough to predict. 

  • Prediction: Atlanta FaZe (3-2) Los Angeles Thieves
  • Call of Duty OddsAtlanta FaZe Outright Win (1.55), Los Angeles Thieves Outright Win (2.30)
  • Betting Site: Thunderpick
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