Chiefs Esports Club Deal Cements Links Between Esports And Education

Published: Mar 14, 2022

The popular Australian-based esports organisation Chiefs Esports Club has announced that it has renewed its partnership deal with Bond University.

The Gold Coast based education establishment is located in Queensland, Australia, a short drive south of Brisbane and close to the border with New South Wales and it is Australia’s first private, not-for-profit university.

The original deal between the two companies ran for three-years and was deemed to be a great success, allowing both companies to put pen to paper on a two-year extension of that deal which will see Bond University remain as the “official education partner” for the esports franchise.

And as part of the partnership, both organisations will work together towards helping educate students about the wide variety of different careers and other opportunities that exist within the esports and gaming industries.

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Continuing Work

The deal will mean that the two companies can continue the work they started when signing the original deal in 2020, which has seen a number of students offered internships at the esports organisation, allowing them to take their first steps towards a career in the industry.

In addition to this, the companies have collaborated on a number of research initiatives, some of which have focused on the esports industry and others on the sports industry, while the University has also used its expertise in the areas of health and physical and mental wellbeing to help nurture a healthier approach to esports, ostensibly with Chiefs players.

The CEO of The Chiefs, Nick Bobir, expressed his organisation’s delight at extending the partnership with Bond University for another year.

Bond University has been an amazing partner to work with and we’re thrilled to continue the relationship in the coming years,” stated Bobir.

Whether it is guiding our players through world-class elite sports seminars with a focus on health, nutrition and wellbeing, or completing training camps on-campus, the partnership will enhance the organisation’s access to gaming and esports fans with whom we engage regularly.

We’re very excited to build on this further and unveil some of the projects we’re working with Bond on soon.

Esports Hub

One of the key components of any new project that Bond and the Chiefs will work together on is the fact that the Chiefs will host and organise a brand new esports tournament, which will take place in the specially-built Bond Esports Hub at the University campus.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the partnership though is the fact that both will work together with a variety of high schools in Australia with the aim of developing esports as part of a specifically designed esports-friendly curriculum in schools.

In addition, the University will also explore ways with The Chiefs staff so that it can become even more esports-friendly within its own curriculum offerings to students.

One of the key elements to help promote esports careers to a wider range of students is certainly by increasing its presence in educational establishments, particularly in secondary, tertiary and further education.

This move by both organisations, therefore, is good news not just for the university and esports organisation, but for students of all ages across Australia who want to explore more about a potential career within the esports, gaming or esports betting industry.

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