CLG Broxah visa approved, but can he save their season from LCS disaster?

Published: Feb 17, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It was confirmed this week via the German internationals social media that Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen has finally been approved for a US visa, and he is subject to join his new North American side at the nearest convenience for competitive League play.

While Broxah’s reintroduction to the league is better late than never, one has to question whether or not he’s capable of saving a team like CLG, who have seen out of sorts without their starting Jungler so far. CLG have made impressive early game leads turn into heartache over and over this split. After a series of winnable games turned losses, CLG hopes that the introduction of Broxah can turn the season around for a team chock-full of veterans with years of experience under the hood.

CLG Broxah: A match made in heaven?

Since Broxah’s final season as a member of Fnatic, many fans and pundits have called his play into question for not looking as dominant domestically as he’s shown at Worlds or MSI in recent years. Broxah has been known as a methodical jungler with a formulaic approach to the game.

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When he’s able to implement his style, few Western junglers hold a candle to the output and pressure Broxah can inflict on a map. With an uptempo team like CLG alongside him, he has the tools around him to get back to domestic prominence. For all the negativity thrown their way, CLG looked best in the first ten minutes of their games — without the help of Broxah. With him, they have the chance to take those early game leads and snowball that into match wins.

Broxah had to leave the country this year due to his contract expiring with Team Liquid and him not being able to return home for the better part of two years. That trip back home would eventually cost him the LCS lock-in tournament, where CLG crashed out in the group stages. With some much-deserved R&R under his belt, Broxah can return to North America revitalized and with purpose.

The scene and its fans have counted him out, as well as his new organization for the past several years now. But for those reasons, the pairing of CLG and Broxah could turn into a match made in heaven as they both look to spur each other on to new heights. While CLG’s record has been anything but noteworthy, you can’t help but look at the logistics of this move and see the method to the madness given their LCS games so far.

WildTurtle and Smoothie have developed good synergy in bot, as their new mid laner rjs develops alongside Finn, a talented and rested EU top laner, CLG could punch their way to a playoff spot with their newly approved jungler finally getting the chance to take reins at his new team.

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