Cloud9 vs Fnatic Odds & Prediction: LoL Worlds Swiss Stage

Published: Oct 24, 2023

The Swiss Stage of LoL Worlds never fails to produce memorable events, and the upcoming match between Cloud9 and Fnatic promises to be one of those nail-biters. On this page, read our analysis of the upcoming match between Cloud9 and Fnatic to give you the LoL Worlds betting insights you need.

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Cloud9 vs. Fnatic (Best of 3) – Thurs, Oct. 26, 9:00 CEST

When Cloud9 and Fnatic square off, EU vs NA debates will inevitably emerge.

Both teams, each with a rich legacy in the competitive LoL scene, have shown over the years that they can produce some of the most exciting games.



Odds & Prediction

The LoL Worlds betting odds indicate a balanced contest, with both teams having an almost equal chance of securing a win. The narrow margin underscores the level of competition and the unpredictability of the outcome. This matchup is a close call, with both teams having their unique strengths. However, given Cloud9’s recent performances and their ability to adapt on the fly, they might hold a slight advantage.

We anticipate a riveting series, possibly going the full length, with Cloud9 having the potential to edge out a 2-1 victory. However, as history has shown, discounting Fnatic could be a mistake. Thus, fans should be prepared for a potential upset and some high-level LoL gameplay.

Jasper Wu
Jasper Wu

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