Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship To Return in 2021

Posted on April 6, 2021 - Last Updated on July 17, 2023

In April of 2020, Activision announced the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship, opening the doors to players who were highly-ranked competitors in the game’s multiplayer mode. They explained that quite literally anyone would be able to compete in this World Championship, provided they had the in-game ability to do so.

Fast-forward to December of 2020, and the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship had fallen apart, picked to pieces by the pandemic, and unable to finish. While the competition’s qualifying stages and subsequent regional play-offs could be carried out online, the World Championship Finals were booked to be hosted in Los Angeles.

It was to be a stunning finale, with a $750,000 prize pool on offer for the competitors of the inaugural Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, the money was equally split among each of the seven qualifying regions, a total of $107,000 per team.

Now, Activision has teased a return for the World Championship:

Competition, Unbound by Location

The mobile esports scene is by no means a weak one, with titles such as PUBG, Free Fire, Legends, and Valor picking up hundreds of millions of viewership hours every year. There’s a fair bit of money to be made in the market, and this is especially true where Call of Duty: Mobile is concerned.

In the space of a single year, Call of Duty: Mobile had seen an overwhelmingly positive response, with some 300 million downloads taking place within a twelve-month window. Although Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t anywhere near the standard of PUBG Mobile, which has amassed more than one billion downloads, it’s a fine contender in the mobile FPS market.

If the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship makes a valiant return, it’ll be accompanied by a jubilant spree of competition, with each of the heavily involved regions once again picking up their phones to dominate their opponents. While the Call of Duty League is restricted to North America (with two European teams), the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship truly embodies the spirit of global esports.

Last year’s competition saw teams compete from North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, Japan, South-East Asia, South Korea, and Vietnam. While the biggest names in the Call of Duty landscape are yet to pick up on Call of Duty: Mobile, there has been a little movement recently.

At the tail end of March, Team Vitality signed an official Call of Duty: Mobile team, with a roster based entirely within India, one of the most popular locales for the Call of Duty: Mobile platform.

It seems that Activision is eager to expand the CODM platform and make it a more viable environment for esports, and it all kicks off with (hopefully) a full season of a Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship.

Keep your eyes peeled for developments in this area, and of course, for the opportunity to play with a little Call of Duty betting.

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