Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner Launches Esports Consultancy Code Red

Published: Dec 7, 2016 - Last Updated: Jun 5, 2020

[toc]As the esports industry grows, an increasing number of interested parties want to get in on the action.

Because of this, there’s always the need to have experienced partners helping out along the way. Industry veteran Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner is planning to do just that.

By starting the esports consultancy Code Red, he’s offering his know-how to help those who want to get involved reach their goals.

Helping those in need get where they want

With 40 years of combined experience in the esports industry, Code Red aims to serve parties from all sections of the business: games publishers, tournament organizers, professional teams, broadcasters, sports clubs, investors, as well as endemic and non-endemic brands.

The team of experts also includes Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, a well-known esports commentator, Ben Woodward, and Luke Cotton.

Some major brands, like Valve, PGL, Ginx.TV, Gfinity, and Ubisoft are already working with the company.

Moreover, Code Red clients also include organizations like the British Esports Association and the Esports Industry Awards.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to advise, help, and represent industry talent,” said Chaloner in a press release. “Over the last couple of years, demand for high-quality talent has gone up, but always the standards. It’s our goal to work with talent and organizers to help improve professionalism and conditions.”

The project features an educational component

Besides helping interested parties become involved in the industry, Code Red will also offer workshops on esports-related issues.

Topics like advanced esports marketing techniques, esports broadcasting creation, commentary, and hosting are on the menu.

“With the huge growth we’ve seen in the last few years and the increased number of companies wanting to join in the esports revolution, this was the perfect time to form a consultancy that can help newcomers and established brands in esports alike,” Walsh said.

With a recent surge of sports organizations wanting to invest in esports and own teams, the timing for launching a consultancy is perfect.

The growth of tournaments across the competitive gaming industry has also attracted various non-gaming related companies. These newcomers often have little to no experience in the area. That’s where Chaloner’s team comes in.

“Working together with Mr. Chaloner for the Manila Major was an absolute pleasure, both on and off camera,” said PGL Head of Esports Vlad Rosca.

He continued:

“With knowledge and experience that span more than a decade in the field, his insightful input during the preparation stages helped us create one of the top esports events of 2016. He also brought a fresh perspective on how certain elements would be received by the audience, offering suggestions for improving the show experience by making subtle, yet impactful adjustments.”

Michiel Bakker, the CEO of Ginx TV, also lent verbal support to Chaloner and his venture:

“Paul Chaloner has provided invaluable advice and guidance throughout the launch phase of GINX eSports TV. It is very rare to find a combination of deep cross-game eSports knowledge, media savviness and an impressive ‘black book’ of contacts in one person.

Paul’s insights have positively impacted our creative and business strategy and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services.”

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