CODM World Championship Garena Finals Betting Preview

Posted on September 15, 2023

Building up towards the main event, the CODM World Championship Garena Finals are the final stop before crowning a new World Champion. Designed to crown a regional champion for Southeast Asia, in this CODM World Championship Garena Finals betting preview we’re taking a closer look!

CODM World Championship Garena Finals Betting Sites

Organized by ESL Snapdragon Pro Series and Activision, the Garena Finals are a fantastic esports betting opportunity.

Bearing that in mind, here are some esports betting sites to consider for your Call of Duty betting needs:

CODM World Championship Garena Finals Format

Taking place online, the CODM World Championship Garena Finals take place between 19th September and 1st October.

Competing are the best 12 teams from Southeast Asia as seeded:

  • Garena Masters S5: WPM Lowkings, Powerhouse, EZR Booky, SKADI, Omega Esports, Four Suits Esports, Broke Boys Club
  • TPE Qualifier: 3 Evil Dragons
  • Major Series S9: Kagendra, ABC Esports
  • Legendary All-In: WDC.Freeslot, WDC.XENON

These teams are competing in two stages of competition, each with their own esports odds.

Firstly, a Group Stage takes place between September 19th and 24th. Split into two groups, a round robin with BO3 matches has the top 3 teams moving on to the Playoffs.

CODM World Championship Global Finals

Here’s a look at how the Groups have been seeded:

  • Group A: Broke Boys Club, EZR Booky, SKADI, Three Evil Dragons, WDC.FREESLOT, WPM LowKings
  • Group B: ABC Esports, Four Suits Esports, Kagendra, Omega Esports, PowerHouse International, WDC. XENON

Once in the Playoffs, a double bracket elimination takes place between 29th September and 1st October. With BO5 matches and a BO5 Grand Final, it’s the best format for this competition offering exciting Call of Duty odds.

At the end of the competition, only the top 2 teams move on to the World Finals!

In this betting preview, we’ll be taking a look at each of the Groups and predicting which teams will be making it to the Playoffs.

CODM World Championship Garena Finals Betting

Group A

  • WPM LowKings
  • EZR Booky
  • Broke Boys Club
  • Three Evil Dragons

Group B

  • Omega Esports
  • ABC Esports
  • PowerHouse International
  • Four Suits Esports
  • Kagendra

These predictions are based on a number of ideas. Firstly, it’s that we give weight to placings at Garena Masters S5 which hosted the best teams from Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

However overall, teams from Indonesia and Philippines have historically done the best at previous versions of the Garena Finals. Indeed, they’re strongly picked by esports betting sites.

In contrast, Thai, Indonesian and Taiwanese teams are less favoured in the Group Stage, although we’d love for any surprises to take place.

Speaking of which, last year in 2022, we witnessed the following standings from the 2022 CODM World Championship Garena Finals:

  1. ALMGHTY (Indonesia)
  2. Omega Esports (Philippines)
  3. Blacklist Ultimate (Philippines)
  4. ABC Esports (Indonesia)
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