Crypto Exchange Coinbase sponsors BLAST Premier in an esports first

Published: Apr 5, 2021 - Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In a forward thinking move for the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has announced that they are sponsoring the upcoming BLAST Premier spring season, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports tournament. This marks the first time that the cryptocurrency exchange has entered the world of esports but certainly not the first time that anyone has tried betting with cryptocurrencies.

The details

The aim of the partnership and sponsor deal is to help bring the world of esports and gaming closer to cryptocurrency through integrated digital activations and player-led content. As part of their agreement, Coinbase will have their branding featured prominently across the Spring Showdown (13-18 April) and Final (15-20 June), including branded content opportunities and fan-led activations.

The branding will focus on BLAST Premier’s “The Economy Play” broadcast segment. Making sure that you spend your cash wisely is a major part of CS:GO. “The Economy Play” sees analysts dissect and discuss economy rounds in between key matches. It will take a serious look at the way that the pro gamers decide to spend their money in between rounds.

BLAST Premier is a leading Counter-Strike esports tournament series that unites all major events, offers opportunities to regions across the globe, and crowns the world champions of CS:GO. Up to 32 teams will take part in the seven BLAST Premier events this year with a combined prize pool of $2,475,000 on the line.

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Other deals

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but a teaser image posted on Twitter makes it all but certain that Coinbase is also sponsoring the hugely popular esports and gaming lifestyle company Evil Geniuses. The team tweeted out an image of their player’s jerseys that featured the Coinbase logo. By partnering up with Evil Geniuses, Coinbase has their feet firmly planted in the world of esports. The team is one of the longest running American esports teams and their reach has spread across the globe. They have field teams in League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, and other fighting games.

Comment from BLAST

Oliver Clarke, Head of Brand Partnerships for BLAST, spoke about their new sponsorship:

“Esports and cryptocurrency both share a strong relationship with technology and innovation. BLAST Premier is enjoyed on a global scale with an audience that is known to be tech savvy. We look forward to seeing the result of fans engaging with the safe, secure, and world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, and Esports

Both esports and cryptocurrencies are two of the most forward thinking industries in the world. If there is a new technology or breakthrough, it is almost guaranteed that some company will find a way to integrate it into one of these two industries.

It was a natural fit then that betting on esports with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would become a popular way to engage with esports betting sites online. Crypto has come a long way from its inauspicious beginnings and many people are looking for ways to use their newly found bank of crypto.

Crypto gambling still has a stigma in certain parts of the world, but a partnership like this with BLAST will certainly increase their credibility in the world of esports betting. Now that Coinbase has partnered up with Paysafe and their digital wallets for the US market, we could see a significant increase in the number of bettors that choose to place their bets with cryptocurrencies.

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