Dedicated College Esports TV Show To Launch On ESTV And Twitch

Posted on September 29, 2022

Collegiate esports in the United States is booming and now five companies with a vested interest in the scene have joined forces to develop and launch a brand new esports television show.

The programme is called College Esports Now and it will be a weekly show that focuses on many of the different stories emerging across the broad range of collegiate esports in the U.S.

EsportsU, CSMG, ESTV, NECC and NACL are the five organisations that have collaborated on developing the show, which will be hosted by presenting duo Katie Scott and Pauly “Hype” Santoro.

The new show will not only be shown on ESTV’s own platform, but will also be streamed on the Twitch service, ensuring that it can be accessed by millions across the country and beyond.

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Key Move For Collegiate Esports

Generally speaking, esports sponsorships tend to be a coming together of two companies, often in different fields, such as Riot and Mercedes extending their partnership as in the link.

However, this rare and more complex deal involves five institutions with a key interest in the burgeoning esports scene in colleges and universities across the U.S.

The aim of the show will be to look at a wide range of different aspects of the collegiate esports scene.

This will involve looking not just at the esports programmes on offer at colleges and universities, but also looking at the individual stories behind featured players on each team, a look at the teams themselves and the rich and varied journeys that individuals within the collegiate esports industry have taken to reach the position they are in currently.

Former NFL Trio To Have Their Own Segment On The Show

One of the more intriguing aspects of the new show will be the fact that three former NFL players, Ahman Green, Shane Vereen and his brother Brock will interview a variety of different esports professionals, as well as taking a detailed look at the different performances, rankings and other key statistics in the competitive collegiate esports scene.

Green’s take on things will be interesting in particular as he has moved on from being a renowned NFL running back (he is the Green Bay Packers all-time leading rusher) to working in an esports-based business as the coach of the new esports program at Lakeland University.

Shane Vereen is a Super Bowl winning former running back who made his name with the New England Patriots and New York Giants, while his brother Brock enjoyed a shorter spell in the NFL as a safety with the Chicago Bears for one season.

“Important Moment In Time”

The development of the show is another strategy adopted by EsportsU to assist in its quest to present a number of viable career opportunities within the esports industry to college students.

The news of the TV show comes on the heels of the Collegiate Esports Commissioner’s Cup, which was announced earlier this year at a large-scale collegiate esports event that featured a careers fair and also a range of esports tournaments.

“Similar to the Collegiate Esports Commissioner’s Cup we held earlier in the year, this show will bring competitive talent to the forefront on a global platform, and feature the fast-changing landscape of collegiate esports,” stated the EVP of EsportsU Angela Bernhard Thomas.

“This pioneering show is reminiscent of an important moment in time when ESPN brought traditional sports into homes across the country more than 40 years ago.”

Whether or not this is collegiate esports watershed moment remains to be seen but for the hundreds of thousands of students with a keen interest in esports and perhaps a career in the industry beyond college, it is certainly going to be something they are going to watch with acute interest.

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