Big plans to commercialize Asia’s mobile gaming scene

Published: Oct 8, 2019

Mobile gaming is now a global phenomenon. But successfully monetizing mobile games has proven to be problematic in regions such as Asia. As a result, there are plans to address this issue at the Mobile Gaming Asia Summit.

This event will take place on 18 and 19 February 2020 in Singapore. It will gather together big names from the mobile gaming industry and propose new ways for generating better incomes from developing and publishing mobile games.


Recent reports have suggested that gamers in Asia spend over $12 billion each year on mobile games. In addition to this, the South Asian gaming scene is expected to include 250 million mobile gamers by 2021.

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As a result, there is a huge amount of potential for growth, but efforts need to be made to successfully commercialize this phenomenon. The sheer cost of launching games in new markets is spiraling, and developers have to struggle with limited brand recognition.

The fact that payment structures can vary dramatically according to each country means that buying games can also prove surprisingly complex.

Free-to-play esports games have also become incredibly popular over the past few years. Although these have proven to be a successful business model, it requires a greater ability to network with advertisers and distributors.

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The upcoming Mobile Gaming Asia Summit may be focused on a particular region, but it provides a telling glimpse at the global mobile gaming future. Just as esports betting has become a worldwide phenomenon, mobile games are now the preferred way to play for people of all ages.

The Mobile Gaming Asia Summit will discuss the future of mobile gaming with representatives from some of the most innovative companies. These include Goama who aims to be ‘the Netflix of games’ thanks to their subscription-based model and Singapore-based Mighty Bear Games who aim to build the next generation of MOBA mobile games.

Mobile Gaming Asia Summit

There will be presentations that help to discover new ways to drive greater user acquisition, engagement and retention. There will also be in-depth looks at monetization strategies that can be used to diversify a developer’s revenue streams.

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Here are just some of the sessions that will be held at the summit:

Above all, the Mobile Gaming Asia Summit aims to help the many gaming companies in the region work together more efficiently. With representatives from video gaming powerhouses like Activision Blizzard as well as regional companies like AirAsia Esports, the summit should provide an excellent platform for networking.

Although the rapid success of the mobile gaming revolution may have caught many unawares, it looks like the Mobile Gaming Asia Summit should be able to harness the potential of this phenomenon.

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