Complexity Gaming Introduce All-Female Valorant Team

Published: Sep 10, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Complexity Gaming is an American esports organisation with roots dug deeply into the esports scene. They have been around for nearly two decades, competing actively in some of the most popular games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant among many others. They entered Valorant in 2020, but now they introduced their new all-female Valorant squad called Complexity GX3.

They’ve joined the ranks of many other esports organisations who made the same move, such as CLG Red, TSM Female, Dignitas Female, Cloud9 White, and Moon Racoons Black. The VCT: Game Changers series was initially introduced as an extension of Valorant Champions Tour, but perhaps unexpectedly, it became quite popular. Complexity Gaming is taking advantage of this opportunity and will now be competing on two fronts in Valorant.

Image Credits | Complexity Gaming

An All-Female Roster

Complexity enters women’s Valorant with a new roster. As of right now, the first four members are:

This forms the core of the new Complexity GX3 roster, although it’s still incomplete as they’re missing the fifth and final member in order to be able to compete. However, considering that Complexity went out and made the announcement, it’s safe to assume that they’re already working on signing the last team member.

This is the same lineup that competed in the Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers NA Series 2, where they achieved some really solid results and finished 5th-6th, sharing a spot with TSM Female.

Complexity signed this roster and formed the new Complexity GX3. The only difference is that Jan, the fifth member of the old GX3, seems to be missing from the active lineup. Complexity Gaming have not revealed the last member yet, but we’re sure we’ll know more soon.

What’s Next for GX3?

Complexity revealed their new team just in time before the new VCT: Game Changers Series 3. The open qualifiers should begin on September 24th, so we can assume that they will make an appearance. The timing is just too perfect to be a coincidence.

During VCT: Game Changers Series 2, GX3 lost against TSM Female twice – once in open qualifiers and the second time in the upper bracket quarterfinals of the main event. With an organisation such as Complexity Gaming now backing them up, they’ll surely be looking to even the score.

Image Credits | Riot Games

A New Chapter

Complexity Gaming signing GX3 was a move that would benefit both the Valorant squad as well as the organisation. This gives the team much more freedom and tools to compete on a higher scale, while providing Complexity with another avenue to compete in Valorant.

Alimonstr, one of the key members of the new GX3 team, said the following:

“We strive to leave a lasting legacy on the esports world both competitively and culturally. Signing with a reputable and supportive organization like Complexity will not only equip us with tools to enhance our performance but also a platform to kick start important industry conversations about instilling change.”

Complexity Gaming will now be able to compete in the VCT: Game Changers, and the Founder & CEO of Complexity Gaming, and Global Head of Esports, GameSquare, Jason Lake, had the following to say:

“GX3 uniquely embodies our organization’s core values, and we’re thrilled to welcome them into the Complexity family”

The future looks bright for this new team. The Valorant betting odds still point towards Cloud9 White and Counter Logic Gaming Red, but after this, GX3 might take over. We’ll have to wait and see.

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