Complexity Gaming And US Army Expand Their Collaboration

Published: May 4, 2022

American esports organisation Complexity Gaming have extended their partnership with the United States Army for another year, making it four years since the two organisations have collaborated.

However, this new agreement sees an expansion over previous deals between the two with both of them combining to host an expanded esports tournament for US soldiers who are on active duty to be able to compete in.

That event is the Soldier Showdown and will start on the 28th May across multiple esports disciplines.

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What Is The Soldier Showdown?

As we have mentioned previously, Soldier Showdown is an exclusive esports tournament that caters for serving members of the US Army.

This year, the tournament will be expanded to include more esports titles than ever with players competing across a 23-week season in the following esports:

Given that this is an army esports event and that the matches won’t feature professionals, it is not likely that there will be a huge amount of esports betting on the event available.

Instead, the competitors in the event will be playing for pride and a number of special prizes including Team Complexity merchandise and gift cards.

Strengthening Morale

Speaking about the agreement, Staff Sgt. Cody Mackall, who is a representative of the armies Better Opportunities For Single Soldiers organisation, commented:

Not only has gaming played a big role in strengthening morale in our homes, but it has also built camaraderie amongst the Soldiers and their Squads.

Soldier Showdown has become a beloved activity in our barracks across the Army. It has provided a unique and meaningful way to provide a sense of connection between Soldiers and within our communities.

Justin Kenna, the CEO of GameSquare Esports also expressed his delight that the partnership was not only continuing, but expanding.

Our partnership with the US Army continues to be one of the most rewarding,” he remarked.

This year, we’re doubling down on our 3-year relationship and hosting the most ambitious edition of the Soldier Showdown yet to provide our servicemen and women a chance to strengthen their bonds with one another and enjoy friendly competition.

The deal between Complexity Gaming and the US Army is the sixth partnership the Esports organisation has agreed in recent times, coming on the back of other deals with streaming service Twitch, hardware manufacturer Lenovo and furniture designer and maker Herman Miller.

Mental Wellbeing

It is interesting that the competition is open to active duty servicemen and women only as there is a clear need for people who may well be engaged in highly-stressful, dangerous and life-threatening operations around the globe, to indulge in an activity that will give them time to de-stress and unwind.

There is certainly a very good argument that organising Soldier Showdown is a very good example of trying to cater for service people’s mental health, given how popular gaming and esports has become within the Army and other services.

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