Crazy Racoon Qualify for VCT Champions

Published: Sep 15, 2021

Crazy Racoon have swiftly eliminated Havan Liberty in yesterday’s VCT Masters match in group C. Both squads faced elimination, and only one of them was about to be left standing. In a spectacular fashion, the Japanese squad made quick work of the Brazilians and they’re now preparing for a rematch with Gambit Esports.

More importantly, this was the match that led Crazy Racoon to VCT Champions 2021. They will represent the Japanese region in the final Valorant Champions Tour event. The MVP of the match was Fisker, the Brazilian-Japanese player of Crazy Racoon, who carried his team to victory yesterday.

An Underdog Story

Image Credits | Crazy Racoon

Crazy Racoon can breathe a sigh of relief after qualifying for VCT Champions 2021, the pinnacle of the year-long Valorant Champions Tour tournament. Coming all the way to VCT Stage 3 Masters must have been stressful for the team, as they were carrying the expectations of an entire nation and all their fans.

The stress was palpable in the opening match against Gambit Esports, where Gambit absolutely obliterated the Japanese team, taking 13-1 victories on both maps. The terrible defeat did not leave them disheartened, as they pushed on forward and turned an initial disaster into a huge success.

This is the perfect underdog story. Not only did they manage an epic comeback exactly when they needed to, but they did it in such a stylish fashion that brought them more fans than they could have expected. The NA’s rush playstyle and EU’s technical play were praised for a while now, but after seeing the passion and excitement of the Japanese fans, casters included, many felt strangely drawn to them and couldn’t resist rooting for Crazy Racoon.

With VCT Champions now in the bag, Crazy Racoons turn their attention to Gambit Esports and tomorrow’s rematch. Will history repeat itself, or has this sudden change in Crazy Racoon shaken Gambit’s confidence? All will be revealed tomorrow.

Fisker – The Clutch King

Image Credits | Crazy Racoon

Crazy Racoon finished off Havan Liberty in a spectacular fashion, but there’s little doubt that Hideki “Fisker” Sasaki was the hero of that match. The 1 vs. 2 clutch at the end of the match will be remembered for a long time, where Fisker closed the game by taking out two Havan Liberty players all by himself.

He played Skye on both maps, an agent that was looked down upon up until recently. Nowadays, Skye has grown in popularity, and Fisker is an excellent example of a well-rounded player who utilizes all her strengths in battle.

Listening to the Japanese casters react while watching Fisker shutting down the two players, preventing the spike plant, and winning the match in Round 21 was simply exhilarating. Crazy Racoon performed exceptionally well, but Fisker played a key role and was somewhat of a hero in this case.

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