Crypto Tycoon Game Release Could Persuade You to Use Cryptocurrency

Published: Mar 18, 2020 - Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

A physical cryptocurrency themed card game, Crypto Tycoon, is hoping to become the game of choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and even those who have never used cryptocurrency. The game’s website says Crypto Tycoon “feels like a cross between Texas Hold’em and Monopoly Deal.

Crypto Tycoon says it is the game, “we’ve all been waiting for.” It mixes strategy and tactics with the luck of the draw and “built-in volatility,” to keep everyone guessing. The publisher adds:

“The game is complex, never boring, full of crypto world humor and trivia, and the card design allows you to learn as you play.”

Gameplay is roughly about 10-15 minutes long, there are 108 cards, and the publisher says, “anyone can win with good strategy.”

Simon Chandler, writing for Digital Trends says, “Crypto Tycoon: It’s like Texas Hold ‘Em and Monopoly had a Bitcoin-savvy baby.”

Crypto Tycoon says it’s the first physical cryptocurrency card game. Chandler says he’s tested the game with people who’ve never bought bitcoin and they’ve understood the game from the first round. The objective of it is to complete a set of three cryptocurrencies and the game’s activity mostly centers around Trade Cards which can be used to steal cryptocurrency cards and even whole sets or to defend against attacks from opponent’s Trade Cards. Chandler says:

“Crypto Tycoon is a deceptively strategic and surprisingly deep game.”


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The game has been developed by a Houston, US, based startup called Cypherpunk and is a set of professional-grade physical cards that can be taken and just about played everywhere. The game includes lots of cryptocurrency terminology and trivia and the creators say it is “educational.” It’s apparently easy to learn as well as being quite addictive. Players don’t have to be cryptocurrency experts or even users and once converted to the game there’s every chance players could be persuaded to buy or collect some real cryptocurrency armed with their newfound knowledge.

With the growth of the cryptocurrency sector as well as the increasing number of blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency-utilizing game developments it was only a matter of time before we saw a physical cryptocurrency styled game.

Currently, the game is at pre-order stage and offering purchasers a 45% discount for being early adopters. If it takes off it could be another sign that cryptocurrency is going mainstream, to even have its own card game.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain developers are increasingly looking to gaming as holding the potential to accelerate digital assets and the technology’s use. And, game publishers are investigating and often choosing to incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency into their developments to monetize games and offer gamers in-game economies but with real-life value to game assets and items.

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