CS:GO League FLASHPOINT Announce Esports Betting Site Pinnacle as First Sponsor

Published: Mar 5, 2020 - Last Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The eagerly awaited CS:GO team-owned FLASHPOINT League, which was co-funded by ten of the leading CS:GO esports organizations including Cloud9, Dignitas and Gen.G, has announced its first sponsor of their new league with esports betting provider Pinnacle agreeing the inaugural deal.

As part of the deal, Pinnacle will be the main sponsor of the pre-show activities in the FLASHPOINT League and they will be involved in the production of predictions, fan polls for some of the most eagerly awaited games and of course, they will use their extensive esports betting and in particular their CS:GO betting knowledge to produce an extensive range of In-Play betting services.

Straight into the Action

There’s not much time for the people at the FLASHPOINT League or Pinnacle to digest this latest link up as on the 3rd March, the Pinnacle Open began at the FACEIT Studios in Los Angeles with eight teams in competition to try and win a spot in the opening weekend of the FLASHPOINT tournament, which also takes place in Los Angeles from March 13.

The eight qualifiers for this tournament made it through over 1,800 entrants from three sets of regional qualifiers that were contested between the 6th and 17th February 2020. Two qualifiers from each region plus two invited qualifies are battling it out in L.A at the moment for a place in the main event.


After the group stages, DETONA, AVEZ, Copenhagen Flames, and Redemption POA have all been eliminated from the tournament, with the two semifinals set to be played today as HAVU take on BIG followed by Orgless facing Chaos in the second semifinal.

“Level of Engagement”

Speaking about the deal between the tournament and Pinnacle, Kent Wakeford, one of the co-founders of the Gen.G esports organization, who themselves are one of the tournament’s organizers, commented:

“We’re delighted to partner with Pinnacle who sees our vision for a sustainable and profitable CS:GO league built for the fans. We believe we will have one of the most entertaining leagues in the world to develop the next generation of talent and players. We want our fans to interact with FLASHPOINT in unprecedented ways. Pinnacle will bring that level of engagement for us.”

Also commenting on the deal, Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith stated:

“Pinnacle’s passion for esports over the last decade has driven us to always look at ways to improve the customer experience and continue to build our presence within the community. While we do a lot of work internally to ensure that happens, partnering with FLASHPOINT is also an integral part of achieving these goals.”

“At the very outset we were aligned in our goals of helping the industry grow and the esports community thrive. We’ve built a solid track record, and we’re very excited about what the next chapter has in store.”

The new FLASHPOINT tournament offers $2 million in prize winnings for the team and replaces the Esports Championship Series (ECS), which had also been sponsored by Pinnacle, prior to the development of the new tournament.


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