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Published: Apr 3, 2020 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021 Cup is one of the few upcoming online CS:GO tournaments that are still available during these difficult times. The event is scheduled to take place between April 6th – 12th and will feature eight teams. A total of 14 matches will be played, and each of them presents a betting opportunity. The organizer of the tournament is, so make sure you check out their website for more information regarding the matches and the CS:GO betting options.

The Tournament

The Group Stage of Cup will take place in the standard GSL format. The teams will be divided into two groups of four. The best two teams from each group qualify for the Semifinals. The semis will be played in an elimination bracket. Every match of the tournament is Bo3. The total prize pool of Cup is $10,000. This prize pool will be divided among the two finalists. The winner gets $7,000 while the runner-up gets $3,000.


At Cup, eight teams will be featured:

Group A

  • Movistar Riders
  • Espada
  • Hard Legion
  • Na’Vi Junior

Group B

  • Syman
  • Smash
  • Heretics
  • Nordavind Cup Team Presentation

Here’s a brief presentation of the eight teams that are taking part in Cup. We are going to breakdown the recent performance against their fellow competitors, as well as their overall performance in the past 12 months. We begin with the two best-ranked rosters at this event.

Movistar Riders

This team is ranked 35th globally, which makes it a very strong tier 2 competitor. At this competitive level, that’s not bad at all. In terms of its recent form, Movistar had just one victory in the last five matches. That’s not a good sign, but perhaps they will show up at Cup fully prepared to win against their group opponents.


Syman is ranked 31st and has a few important names in its roster, such as mou. In terms of its recent form, Syman is 4 W – 1 L and has defeated the likes of Hard Legion and HellRaisers. Syman’s best recent achievement was the victory at NEST Pro Series 2019. They were crowned champions after defeating TYLOO in the Grand Finals. 2020 has started slow for the squad, as they are yet to achieve any significant results.

Going into, this team is expected to do well and play in the Semifinals.

Hard Legion

This Russian team used to do well around 10 months ago and even got to rank 18th at one point. Which is impressive. Now they’re back to 46th but still managed to win four of their last five matches. It’s hard to predict how far a team like Hard Legion can go at an event like Cup, but they certainly seem capable to go head to head with any opponent and not get run over.


Heretics is a French team that has exceptional players such as kioShiMa. Its current rank is 49th and in the last five matches, it got three victories and two defeats. The last two of these victories came against OG and Heroic, and that’s extremely significant. Based on these results, I would put Heretics at the top of the favorites list to win Cup.


Smash started from a modest 300th position back in December 2019 and is now sitting at number 76 in the global rankings. Its last five matches ended with a record of 1 W – 4 L, which suggests that perhaps the team is not yet ready to compete in the top divisions.

Going into Cup, I regard Smash as one of the underdogs and don’t expect it to advance to the Playoffs. But there’s always a chance that a team like this shows up and proves everyone wrong, due to a rigorous and opponent specific preparation.


Espada is ranked 64th and seems to be in great shape right now, having won all of its last five matches. The team had one important victory this year, at WINNERS League and then a 2nd place result at Grea Universe Cup. Based on these achievements, I think you should expect Espada to do well at Cup, even though its rank is much lower than some of the other competitors’.


Nordavind is ranked 43rd and has won three of its last five matches. It’s hard to evaluate how strong they are at this point, but we do know a few key things: they defeated one of the opponents that are present at Cup in these last five matches, namely Movistar Riders, and they had multiple top 3 results in 2019 (five to be precise), including two cups. Based on this information, Nordavind should also be regarded as a serious team at this tournament.

Na’Vi Junior

Na’Vi Junior is not a strong team and the name is quite misleading. When you think of Na’Vi,  you think of one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. But the junior team obviously doesn’t have s1mple and electronic in its roster. So I think it’s safe to assume they’re not among the favorites to win Cup or even qualify for the Playoffs.


Based on relative strengths between the squads, we can make the following predictions for the Cup.

Group A will likely produce Movistar Raiders in first place and Espada in second. Group B should have Syman finish in first place and a toss-up between Espada, Nordavind in second. As a result, we can see Syman versus Espada in the semifinals. Movistar Raiders would face Espada/Nordavind in Semifinals and would win against the former but not the latter.

We predict the potential final to end up between Syman and either Movistar Raiders/Nordavind, and go to Syman regardless of the opponent.

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