Pledges to Support Anti-Corruption Measures as ESIC Member

Posted on June 17, 2020 - Last Updated on June 30, 2020

Esports betting provider have become the latest big name in the esports betting industry to join up with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) as a member, to help combat corruption and match fixing within the industry.

Founded in 2019, offers a wide range of esports betting services to its customers in four different languages and has become involved as a tournament organiser and sponsor of key esports events in Europe, Latin America and Asia over the last few months.

They have become one of a number of high profile esports betting services including the likes of Unikrn, Rivalry, Betway and SkyBet to have become a member of ESIC in recent times and their support is vital in protecting the integrity of esports betting into the future.

How does ESIC work with companies like

ESIC does not solely work with esports betting sites like, instead the organisation draws on support and data from a wide range of different sources including bookmaking sites, professional esports players and teams, corporations, anti-corruption supporters and even national governments in order to reduce the risk of two forms of corrupt behaviour in particular; match fixing and betting fraud.

The process is a two-way thing, with members contacting ESIC with data that they may feel shows suspicious betting problems, or perhaps evidence of match fixing. Similarly, if ESIC gathers data from extraneous sources that show worrying betting patterns or evidence of match fixing, they can contact the affected member who can then take action.

As ESIC continues to develop and as more companies within the esports industry sign up to become a member, so the quality and quantity of data and sources available to ESIC and its members will improve and thus the effectiveness of the organisation to combat corruption will also improve.

“Reliable and Respectful Esports Bookmakers”

Speaking about the decision from to join ranks with ESIC, the ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith commented:

“It is an honour to welcome as an anti-corruptin supporter of ESIC. By joining ESIC as an anti-corruption supporter, CyberBet has displayed its commitment to playing its part in maintaining the integrity of esports.”

“ joins a long list of anti-corruption supporters who together make it easier for ESIC to investigate suspicious betting activity, assisting in our mission to fight cheating and betting fraud in the esports industry. We look forward to working with CyberBet to continue to protect the integrity of esports.”

In response, issued a statement which stated that becoming an ESIC member was part of its mission to become “one of the most reliable and respectful esports bookmakers.”

The statement continued: “For us, it is not only an honour, but also a very important collaboration with such an experienced and reputable organisation. Since we are not just a bookmaker but a part of a big esports community and also tournament organisers, we are deeply interested in keeping our events and the esports industry clean from match fixing and other undesirable factors.”

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