Spinomenal Series Tournament by Cyber.Bet: Here’s How to Win a Share of €60,000

Published: May 16, 2022

In this article we’d like to tell you about an exciting Cyber.bet bonus offer, the Spinomenal Series Tournament, which runs throughout May to early June and offers competitors the chance to win a share of a huge €60,000 in prize money!

In our Cyber.Bet Review, we pointed out that the site scored well with us when it came to player value and part of that was the sheer volume of promotions and bonuses that the site will offer customers throughout their membership.


At the moment, if you are one of the customers that has tried out the new Cyber.Bet Casino, then you should be aware that there are two fantastic promotional offers available on the site right now. These are:

  1. The Spinomenal Series Tournament; and
  2. The RubyPlay Crazy Race promotion.

We certainly feel that when it comes to esports casino bonus offers, the Spinomenal Series Tournament is one of the most impressive we’ve come across. Let’s find out a bit more about the tournament and how you can participate.

Cyberbet Spinomenal Series Tournament

Cyber.Bet Spinomenal Series Tournament Details

This exciting tournament comprises of four separate rounds, which run for one week. The dates of the four rounds and the promotion periods for each are as follows:

As part of the offer, each Round will feature a selection of slot games from the Spinomenal Series of games, which you can play in order to participate in each tournament. The list of slots available for each of the four Rounds are listed below:

However, the slot games Book of Demi Gods II and Majestic King will be available for you to play in any of the four rounds, in addition to the rounds where they have been specifically named above.

Cyberbet Spinomenal Series Tournament

How is the Spinomenal Series Tournament organised?

Across each of the four rounds of the Spinomenal Series, there is a grand total of €60,000 to be won. Each round will see the top 100 players named as winners, who will each win a share of a prize pool that increases in size throughout the four weeks of the promotion.

So how do you claim one of the top 100 prizes available in each of the four rounds?

The answer to that, is that it depends what Round of the tournament you are playing in!

Round 1For Round 1, each time that you play 10 spins on one of the named slots that are part of the promotion for that week, you will receive one point.

Your points are tracked across all of the different slots that are a part of that weeks promotion and as you and other Cyber.Bet customers play the games, a leaderboard will develop with those that have collected the most points at the top of the leaderboard.

At the end of the week, the players occupying the top 100 slots on the leaderboard win a share of €10,000.
Round 2
For Round 2, the points collection process is very different. Each time you play one of the games part of the promotion in Round 2, you will see a symbol displayed in the top bar of the slot. Each time you land one of these symbols on the reel, you will receive one point.

Simply keep collecting points in this way throughout the tournament period and at the end of it, if you are in one of the top 100 positions, you’ll win a share of €15,000
Round 3In Round 3, simply play any of the participating slots in this round of the Spinomenal Series and each time you land any value win on one of the games, thenyou will receive one point.

All your wins are tracked throughout the promotional period and at the end, the top 100 players with the most points receive a share of €15,000.
Round 4
The final round of the promotion sees €20,000 to be shared between the top 100 players and to be a winner, you need to play any of the promotional slots for Round 4 and each time you win, you will receive a number of points based on the score multiplier value of your win compared to your stake.

So for example, if you wagered €1 and won €5, then you would earn 5 points from that win. If you win €50 from a €1 wager, then that would be a 50 point win.

Bonus Points From Earlier Rounds In Round 4

In the final round, which has the largest prize pool, any points you have earned in the previous three rounds will be converted into additional points for you.

10% of the points you earn in Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will be converted into credit points, which are then added to your total for Round 4.

The minimum qualifying bet for each spin in every round of the tournament is €0.20. If this exact amount is not available in the game you play, then the next highest bet size in the game is the minimum bet amount. For full terms and conditions, you can check out the promotional page for the Spinomenal Series at Cyber.Bet.

So why not load up Cyber.Bet now and see if you can spin your way to a Spinomenal win!

Cyberbet Spinomenal Series Tournament


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