CyberBet’s Escore App is a Godsend for Esports Betting Punters

Published: Feb 20, 2020 - Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

Not everybody has the luxury of being a professional punter, or has the opportunity to work in the esports betting industry. So if your thing is esports betting, you may need a simple and effective way to keep up to date with all the latest results in the key esports industry giants CS:GO and Dota 2.

CyberBet’s latest Android App, eScore is arguably one of the simplest and most effective ways of doing precisely this. The app, which was released in February 2020, is available now from the Google Store for Android users, with a similar app being readied for launch on iOS devices over the coming months.

What is eScore?


In short, eScore is your one stop shop that allows you to keep tabs on all your favorite CS:GO and Dota 2 teams and individuals, all in real-time and all at the click of a button on your phone or other mobile device.

The app offers users a chance to monitor the games of their favorite teams and players, check out how a match is progressing in real-time and also will bring you the final result of any match up once the game has been completed.

With a wide selection of the biggest tournaments covered within the app, whether you are looking for the latest news on how a certain CS:GO team has performed in the latest DreamHack event, or whether you want the latest news from the Minor and Majors that form part of the Dota Pro Circuit, the eScore app will have you covered.

Full News Service Available

However, the eScore app also offers much more than a ticker-tape run through of games that are being played. The app is also a hub for the latest news and information on the top Dota 2 and CS:GO teams and individuals and will be an invaluable resource for anybody that wants to catch the latest news on a team or individual, ahead of making an esports bet for example.

What is particularly beneficial for those Android users that are downloading the device, is that all this key information is available in a simple, user-friendly app that is extremely simple to use and navigate and which offers seamless integration with your device.

Stylishly presented, with an effective purple, black and white livery, the eScore app is also easy on the eye, while its interface makes it simple for the user to move swiftly between each of the different sections of the app.


While sports betting apps that provide CS live score updates are commonplace online now, finding a reliable one for the esports betting industry has been problematic until now.

Android users need Android 4.0.3 and upwards in order to be able to use the app, with Apple users able to get their hands on an iOS version within the next few months.

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