DATA.BET To Showcase Launch at Forthcoming ICE London 2020

Published: Jan 15, 2020

GG.Bet’s esports data and solutions subsidiary DATA.BET has announced that it is set to showcase its forthcoming launch at the ICE London 2020 expo, which takes place from the 4th to the 6th February 2020 at the ExCel in London.

DATA.BET has hopes to become the esports betting industry’s largest data supplier, with data provided on more than 7,500 esports matches each month, the majority of which will be live events.  The company also aims to cover 20 different esports, across 600 different esports betting markets with over 4,500 Live Odds events per month.

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Esports Betting Simulation

Part of the big launch for DATA.BET will be the $250,000 esports tournament that is scheduled to take place during the ICE London 2020 event, inside an 800 square meter bespoke built esports arena.

As well as a custom built stage, there will be a DATA.BET lounge, which will contain a themed bar and a place where players can use pretend ICE and GG.Bet dollars to simulate the different types of esports betting and wagering that the data provided by DATA.BET will allow esports operators to offer to their customers.

With an estimated online audience expected of around 5,000,000, plus thousands of attendees at the event, it is a chance for DATA.BET to showcase exactly how their products can help interested parties develop esports betting services on their own site.

Services Offered

Amongst the services offered by DATA.BET are an extensive range of esports operational services including trading services, esports data and even a plug-in esports betting service, which will immediately allow a company access to 6,000 esports matches, 3,000 live esports betting odds events and over 600 different betting markets each month.

DATA.BET has been designed to be the most comprehensive and all-encompassing esports betting solution for companies in the esports betting industry to date.

Data.Bet Services

“Bring the Market into Maturity”

Speaking about the imminent launch at ICE London 2020, Tetyana Pshevlotska, the Chief Business Development Officer with DATA.BET commented:

“Esports is the fastest growing betting market on the planet, and after bringing together some of the brightest esports innovators, we are launching DATA.BET to bring the market into maturity with the industry’s most advanced package of solutions.

“As well as providing our customers everything that an esports operator would need, we aim to make our services fully bespoke to each customer with a solutions package that is set to be the most comprehensive ever seen. We’re looking forward to ICE London 2020 and beyond as we begin to roll our our services.”

Dry Run

The $250,000 GG.Bet ICE Challenge tournament taking place in London during the event, will see the likes of ENCE, GODSENT, Heroic, MAD Lions, mousesports, Natus Vincere, OG and all compete in the tournament, which will essentially act as a dry run for the services that DATA.BET will offer its clients.

The aim being the movers and shakers that attend the event and who are key influencers within the esports and betting industries, will decide they want to partner with DATA.BET to incorporate some or all of their services on their own esports betting platform.

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