Dendi Keeps His B8 DPC Spot

Published: Nov 13, 2021

After Valve intervened, Dendi was able to regain his place in the Eastern European League. With the help of B8, Valve was able to resolve the situation between the manager, XactJlepbI, and Dendi. While Dendi has been added to the roster for the DPC 2021-2022, it is still very uncertain how the team will perform in the event.

Dendi Past Issues and Valve’s Involvement

After getting an intervention from Valve, B8 regained its place in the Lower Division of the EEU. B8 is the organization of Dota 2 player Danil “Dendi” Ishutun.

A couple of weeks back, B8 reported that Dendi had been removed From the Majors Registration page by XactJlepbI and that they would be replaced by someone else. Fortunately, after reviewing agreements and messages with XactJlepbI, Valve was able to grant B8 the slot.

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Dendi and his new teammates will now be able to participate in the Lower Division of the Dota Pro Circuit without winning open qualifiers. DPC season two-player, Nofear was the first to leave the team, and it was until the 2021 DPC that he exercised his ownership over the team slot that B8 was occupying.

At the time, he refused to cooperate with the organization, and as a result, B8 was able to take over the DPC slot. This will allow the DPC to run smoothly as countless possibilities remain for the various teams. While maintaining a competitive esports scene, it will also provide Dota 2 betting opportunities.

B8 Expectations with New Roster

The new season’s ruling states that anyone who registers a team on the Majors Registration page has full ownership of the slot. This is not the case for B8 since the issue was not unique, and other players and teams expressed similar concerns. This allowed Dendi to regain the slot and changed B8’s roster for DPC 2021-22.

As per the team, they will continue to play in the DPC 2022. Dendi is still a part of the team, and there is a possibility that he could become their coach. Currently, B8 has a roster that includes Dendi and Azamat “Gatciy” Gatciev.

It also includes Alexander “V1olent” Park, Nikolay “Bb3px” Evdokimychev, and Anatoly “Brz” Krupnov, whose spots are not yet guaranteed. With the addition of Dendi, B8 will start preparing for the DPC’s first tour in 2022. The team will also compete in the Dota 2 Champions League, 2021.

Due to the intense passion and hunger for power that the CIS scene has exhibited in the past, it is sure to remain competitive. Things will be challenging for Dendi and B8 as they compete with the best Dota 2 teams. Regardless, they will be sure to bring their best to the DPC as they have done in the past.

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