Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming: LCS 2022 Summer Predictions and Picks

Posted on July 29, 2022

Dignitas take on Counter Logic Gaming as the LCS summer split heads in its sixth week. Bottom-placed Dignitas have a long, hard haul ahead of them if they are to realize their micro-thin chances of breaking into the top eight, but considering the teams they’d have to get past in the latter half of the split, this is unlikely to happen. The LoL odds clearly favour CLG in this game.

Predictions: Counter Logic Gaming to win

Odds: 1.45

Betting Site: Odds provided by Betway Esports

When: Monday, August 1, 01:30 CEST

Counter Logic Gaming

CLG are tied for fifth place on the rankings behind Cloud 9, both at a deadlock with six wins and five losses from their games so far. Their standings this split are a lot more inspiring, considering how their dismal spring saw them finish at number eight.

The signing of their top laner Niship ‘Dhokla’ Doshi in June has proved to be the magic ingredient, with him rounding off a unit that looked uncoordinated and lacking in direction last split. For a side that has had little success in the LCS over the last few years, their performances this year have finally seen them trying to break out of their past mould.

CLG had a dream start to the round robin, and their light schedule certainly had a role to play in that. They stormed past Dignitas and TSM, and even though they lost to Golden Guardians, it was the best first week they’ve had in years. The teams they would face over the next few weeks would, however, be a real test of character.

They went down to FlyQuest in the next round, but then made jaws drop with their stunning, hard fought victory against defending champions Evil Geniuses in what was easily one of the most significant games of this split. The odds were stacked against them but CLG proved they finally have the potential to stand up against the form teams, and that sweet victory is one they will not forget for a long, long time to come.

Image Credits | CLG

The results of week three and four were of a more humbling nature, and three losses out of four games saw them slip down the rankings. Then Evil Geniuses sought their payback, as champion teams do, but then CLG secured a victory over Team Liquid – another win they will cherish for a while. Their confidence will be unshakeable heading into their game versus Dignitas, the opponents that set the tone for their season of redemption.

CLG’s kill to death ratio is low, currently at 0.81 after five weeks of play. Yet, they’ve made things work. They have adopted an attack-first-ask-questions-later strategy that has miraculously paid off, and the KD ratio has slipped only because of their death rate standing at 13.5, the most among any team. Their kill rate is 10.9, the fifth best in the league. They have killed 6.5 and lost 6.1 towers per game while maintaining a creep score of 31.9 – the worst among teams by quite a margin.

However they’ve made up for that by inflicting a DPM of 2091, and only Evil Geniuses have managed a higher rate. The League of Legends betting tips indicate CLG as the obvious winner against Dignitas.


Dignitas have to find answers fast if they are to find a way to climb into the top eight. This is unlikely, considering how their season has gone thus far. They have won only two games while losing nine, and those have come against Immortals and TSM. Both teams are stuck at the bottom of rankings alongside Dignitas, and all three have been drinking from the same cup of woe.

Immortals are placed at number eight and will feel slightly more hopeful than the other two, but going by recent results they don’t have much of a chance in the summer championship anyway, even if they do qualify.

Dignitas finished seventh last spring, not exactly ideal, but it was still vastly preferable to where they find themselves now. They lost the opening game against CLG, and that set them on course to a four match losing streak. The fact that they were pitted against Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves in the opening week did little to help their confidence.

They saved face with a couple of wins against TSM and Immortals, their fellow bottom-dwellers, but the games since have seen but misery after misery piled on. Then they proceeded to lose the next four games in a row, being taken apart easily by Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians, Fly Quest and Cloud 9. Considering they don’t face Immortals or TSM until week 7, the streak is likely to extend for a mortifying six games. The LoL predictions don’t give them much of a chance against CLG.

Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming Predictions

Dignitas have a kill to death ratio of 0.75, with 8.5 kills and 13.1 deaths per game. They’ve destroyed 4.3 towers per game while conceding 7.5. The damage they dealt per minute is 1663, the worst among teams – their opponents for this game are on the opposite end of the spectrum, showing just how disparate their approaches – and fortunes – have been since they met for the opening game this summer. CLG is our pick for this one.

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