Dire Wolves Acquire AVANT Gaming

Published: Feb 17, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Australian Dire Wolves has announced the acquisition of AVANT Gaming, another Oceanic esports organisation, who were direct rivals up until today. They revealed the exciting news on their official website, as well as social media, calling it a historic moment. The two Oceanic giants are now merged under the single brand of Dire Wolves, creating a massive powerhouse in the region.

The Wolf Pack Expands

Dire Wolves are best known for their League of Legends team. They formed back in 2014 and would go on to dominate the Oceanic scene. At some point, the organisation started branching out into other esports titles such as Overwatch, Valorant, FIFA, Rocket League, and the most recent one being Apex Legends.

Today they’ve expanded their already rich portfolio of games into an even bigger one by acquiring AVANT Gaming, who were already active in League of Legends, but more importantly in CS:GO. Dire Wolves have now effectively added another game under their banner and will certainly use this opportunity to diversify even more.

The owner of Dire Wolves, Jason Spiller, had the following to say:

“AVANT is one of the founding organisations of ANZ esports, and it has an invaluable legacy which we’re so proud to be able to carry on as we welcome the team to the Dire Wolves family.”

“This is a historic moment for Oceanic esports with the new LCO beginning later this month, and with this huge new influx of talent and expertise joining the team, Dire Wolves is ready to be at the centre of it.”, he also added.

Wes Collier, the owner of AVANT Gaming, stated:

“The Dire Wolves and Avant have always shared an amazing rivalry and mutual respect as two of the leading and most storied esports organisations in Oceania, and this coming together heralds the end of an amazing journey for Avant, but a new era for both organisations, and the further establishment of the Dire Wolves as the dominant esports brand in the region.”

A battle for dominance in Oceania

Both Dire Wolves and AVANT Gaming had already secured their spots in the upcoming LCO Split, but considering the merge between the two, there’s only Dire Wolves left in the running. The spot reserved for AVANT has been sold and is now occupied by PEACE, which is another Australian esports organisation.

Now that AVANT is out of the picture, the Dire crew have an open road to the top and there’s a high chance they’ll win the tournament. However, they’re not completely out of the woods yet as there’s still Chiefs Esports Club who will pose a serious threat.

With regards to the newly acquired CS:GO team, nothing should really change. The company has not made any moves yet, but we can expect them to rebrand the team name and assume direct control over. There’s a high chance they’ll also rejuvenate the currently inactive Valorant team, considering the increasing interest for the game.

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