Oh, Canada Cup Season 7: Analysis And eSports Betting Picks

Published: May 8, 2016 - Last Updated: Jul 14, 2023

[toc]With all the action happening in the American DotA 2 competitive scene, it is the time when the teams have come prepared for Canada Cup season 7.

Most of the teams participating in the tournament have shown their potential in the Manila Major U.S. qualifiers, while there are some teams which are desperate to compete in the seventh season of the Canada Cup.

On May 11, Canada Cup season 7 will feature two best-of-one series, the first of which will be played between Perky Pepperonis and Void Boys while the second series will feature Shazam and Not Today.

Perky Pepperonis vs. Void Boys – 22:00 UTC

The first best-of-one series will be played between Perky Pepperonis and Void Boys. The performance of both the teams is quite shaky at the moment and neither of them are fully stable to compete in any kind of DotA 2 competitive tournament.

Perky Pepperonis’ playstyle

The playstyle of Perky Pepperonis is not so special, because their strategy remains constant throughout the entire tournament. However, most of the teams fail to read their draft at first place due to uncertainty.

Usually, Perky Pepperonis try to go for a pushing line-up however, they ban the same heroes if the opponent team is going to have the next turn in the picking phase. Their pushing line-up strategy becomes quite hard to catch, but once the opponent team reads their tactics, it becomes very easy to tackle them.

Void Boys’ playstyle

The playstyle of Void Boys varies from one tournament to another. It also depends upon the Meta that they are playing in currently.

Usually, they try to go for those heroes which receive major buffs in the specific patch of the game. But lately, things aren’t working out for Void Boys, as they’ve lost five series out of seven recent series and the remaining two of them resulted into a draw.

Sometimes, Void Boys can actually surprise the opposing team with a weird kind of draft, but now, most of the teams have already read their draft which makes it quite difficult for Void Boys to secure a win in the tournament.

Above all said, Void Boys typically go for ganking line-ups, which have the potential to take down the cores of the opponent team. But their major weakness is that once the opponent team bans out some good ganking heroes like Bounty Hunter, Doom, Witch Doctor etc., it becomes hard for Void Boys to win the game.

Final prediction

In our opinion, with all the statistics and performances, Perky Pepperonis should be able to take down Void Boys in the best-of-one series at Canada Cup season 7. So if you do plan to pay a visit to an esports betting site like Bet365 esports, we’d put the money on them.

Our pick: Perky Pepperonis

Chances: 60%

Bet range: Medium

Bet status: Normal

Shazam vs. Not Today – 23:15 UTC

The final series of the day will be played between Shazam and Not Today. Being one of the top competitors in the Manila Major, Shazam have proven their mettle in the DotA 2 competitive scene.

They may have not been able to get a slot to the Manila Major, but they surely gave a tough time to the teams they played against.

Shazam playstyle

Recently, Shazam have been playing brilliantly as they managed to climb up their overall ranking via qualifying for the Grand Finals of Manila Major U.S. qualifiers. They did pretty well against Digital Chaos in the series before the grand finals where they defeated them with a score of 2-1.

They’ve some great players on the team who can adapt any kind of draft according to the situation.

Shazam usually like to go for a more team fight and ganking-oriented line-up. Their initial objective is to shut down the offlane and safe lane carry of the enemy team. If they become successful in doing so, then they start to push out all the lanes with all five heroes together.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Shazam is that they don’t anticipate the next move or order of initiation of the opponent team.

For example, if someone teleports at a tower, then he doesn’t realize that he can be ganked at that kind of safe spot too. Rather than immediate TP reactions by the other heroes, they just let their teammate die. Not only do they let their teammate die, but they also don’t get the basic objective of taking down the enemy’s tower.

Not Today playstyle

Not Today have been performing extremely well in their recent series and their team coordination has been stabilized right now.

But the main problem is that they’ve lost all the last four series against Shazam in a row. It seems like that they are facing difficulties in reading the drafting line-up of Shazam and as a result, they can’t make up their mind as to any kind of line-up.

The drafting line-up of Not Today usually involves a mixture of pushing lane as well as ganking potential heroes. This beautiful combination of different kinds of heroes makes the game very easy for Not Today.

However, these kind of line-ups didn’t work at all against professional teams, especially Shazam.

Final prediction

In our opinion, as this is a best-of-one series, Shazam should be easily able to take down Not Today at Canada Cup season 7.

Our pick: Shazam

Chances: 70%

Bet range: Medium – high

Bet status: Good

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