ESL One Frankfurt 2016: Analysis And Dota 2 Betting Picks

Posted on June 14, 2016 - Last Updated on September 1, 2022

In the wake of The Manila Major, the teams are preparing for different upcoming tournaments.

In the immediate future, ESL One Frankfurt is the one in which professional tier teams will meet in a good competitive environment. June 17 will feature two of the tournament’s series.

Below is the complete analysis, along with our final Dota 2 betting predictions for each series.

Team Liquid vs. Vega Squadron – 08:30 UTC

600px-LiquidlogobigThe first series of the day will be played between Team Liquid and Vega Squadron.

With their recent performance in The Manila Major, Team Liquid definitely look strong. Their presence on the map is very unique and each time an opponent makes a mistake, Team Liquid are ready to punish them with counter initiation.

One of the best things about Team Liquid’s draft is that they opt for any kind of lineup, despite the lack of practice on the heroes.

For example, in the final game of The Manila Major’s grand finals, Kuroky picked hard carry Weaver for Matumbaman although he hadn’t played it in the competitive scene for a long time.

But still, he performed really well with it and proved that he has the potential to play in any situation.

Currently, Team Liquid’s synergy level is great and the confidence they got from The Manila Major will help them in the upcoming tournaments.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen Vega Squadron lately in any kind of tournament. Away from the action, they’ve been practicing with their roster to develop better results in the tournaments.

No matter how good Vega Squadron perform in the tournament, Team Liquid will always be ready to outmaneuver them in the best-of-three series at ESL One Frankfurt.

Series winner prediction

Team Liquid.

Chances of Team Spirit to win

  • 2-0: 55%
  • 2-1: 85%

How much money you should bet on this series?

We feel confident with this pick, so if you do plan to visit an esports bookmaker, feel assured in betting a high amount here.

What is the status of this prediction?


Alliance vs. Fnatic – 08:30 UTC

qN1JFnkgThe second series of the day will be played between Alliance and Fnatic.

Under the leadership of Mushi, Fnatic should be feeling comfortable about their upcoming series.

Moreover, their performance at Manila was satisfactory compared to Alliance. Although Fnatic didn’t proceed to the grand finals, they performed very well, and DJ especially showed his class by making some phenomenal plays in the tournament.

On the other side, Alliance might not be ready for this kind of matchup. Recently, they were outplayed by Natus Vincere in the matchup at The Manila Major.

Alliance need to focus more on their drafting lineup and tactics before competing against any team in the ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

Series winner prediction


Chances of Fnatic to win

  • 2-0: 35%
  • 2-1: 70%

How much money you should bet on this series?


What is the status of this prediction?


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