The Manila Major Begins June 3 – Get Caught Up With Group A Dota 2 Betting Analysis

Posted on May 30, 2016 - Last Updated on April 26, 2019

The wait is almost over: The Manila Major starts on June 3.

One interesting note is that the majority of the tough Dota 2 teams are playing in Group B. But for now, we’ll give our analysis of the Day One series to be played in Group A.

OG vs. Team Empire – 2:00 UTC

The first series of the day in Group A will be played between OG and Team Empire.

With their recent victory in the DreamLeague Season 5, OG are looking pretty strong right now and their team synergy level is also up to the mark.

Their excellent rotations around the map cause opponents to crumble in tight situations, and OG may start to dominate by using this advantage.

On the other hand, Team Empire have also played quite well in their last couple of matches and with some role changes, they’re proving to be a strong team in the group stages of The Manila Major.

Based on the recent series and playstyle scenario, OG definitely have an edge over Team Empire and in our opinion, and they should win the best-of-three series in The Manila Major’s group stages.

Final prediction

Overall series winner


OG’s chances to win

  • 2-0: 35%
  • 2-1: 70%

How much you should bet on this series?

We recommend that those planning on visiting any esports betting sites for this event bet a moderate amount of money.

What are the chances this prediction will be successful?

Good (+60% chances).

Newbee vs. compLexity Gaming – 2:00 UTC

The second series of the day in Group A will feature an action-filled best-of-three between Newbee and compLexity Gaming.

Given their recent record-breaking winning streak of 29 games, Newbee are definitely looking strong even before the start of the tournament. Their pure Chinese tactics allow them to create pressure and dominate the opposing team.

To be fair, compLexity Gaming did perform well in their recent tournaments, but as far as their matchup against a top quality Chinese team like Newbee is concerned, their lineup falls short in the areas of counter-picking and out-drafting.

Therefore, the Chinese pride, Newbee, should be able to take down the American boys and in our opinion, compLexity Gaming will fall.

Final prediction

Overall series winner


Newbee’s chances to win

  • 2-0: 55%
  • 2-1: 85%

How much money you should bet on this series?

We feel pretty confident in these predictions, so if you have the bankroll to do it, feel free to bet a high amount of money on this one.

What are the chances that this prediction will be successful?

Excellent (+80% chances). Of course, before you place any sort of real money wager, be sure to check esports betting odds from across a variety of the best esports bookmakers using our up-to-date tracking tool.

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