The Manila Major Analysis For Dota 2 Bettors – Which Teams Will Dominate On The Big Stage?

Published: Jun 6, 2016 - Last Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The Manila Major has already begun with huge Dota 2 betting action around the corner.

The live crowd, as well as the digital spectators, are going wild with each passing day of the tournament, in no small part because the tournament started with some unexpected results as Natus Vincere managed to secure the top position in the group, while Team Secret struggled a lot throughout the group stages.

For now, we’ll give our analysis on two series to be played on June 8 between Newbee and Digital Chaos, and LGD Gaming and Fnatic.

Newbee vs. Digital Chaos – 2 p.m. UTC

The first series of the day will be played between Newbee and Digital Chaos. Both teams are currently no. 1 in their respective regions, and have performed brilliantly in The Manila Major thus far.

Newbee playstyle

Newbee is one of the top Chinese teams looking to pick an unusual draft and then win accordingly with it.

Usually, there are some roamers/junglers on the team that help the other cores to secure the kill on the opponent’s heroes. Newbee’s top attribute might be that they don’t panic in any situation. Their level of execution, teleportation reactions, communication synergy; it’s all perfect.

Digital Chaos playstyle

DCDigital Chaos recently went through a big change in their roster, grabbing top quality players like Saska, w33haaa, Misery and more. Since, the performance of Digital Chaos has been improved by a large factor and they’ve proven themselves a dominating team in the group stages of The Manila Major.

Digital Chaos are always looking to contest against the opposing team no matter the heroes’ situation. With that kind of aggression, they often make mistakes by dragging the gank into the deep base of opponent team.

However, there is always some kind of backup behind the cores to execute the team fight in a proper way.

Final prediction

With two giants competing on such a big stage, it’s quite difficult to predict the winner of this series — both Newbee and Digital Chaos have been excellent in their matches.

But Digital Chaos should have observed the gameplay of Newbee against OG, and w33haaa has also experienced the level of Newbee’s playstyle in his recent tournaments.

Therefore, Digital Chaos’ chances to win the series are slightly better than Newbee’s.

Series winner prediction

Digital Chaos.

Chances of Digital Chaos to win

How much money you should bet on this series?

We recommend that those out there planning to visit any of the top esports betting sites wager a very low amount on this series.

What is the status of this prediction?

Very risky.

LGD Gaming vs. Fnatic – 5:30 p.m. UTC

The second series of the day will be between LGD Gaming and Fnatic.

Both have played great in The Manila Major, but Fnatic has struggled in comparison to LGD Gaming. Recently, Fnatic lost to Team Liquid in the tournament, but gave a tough time to the champions of Epicenter.

LGD Gaming playstyle

Just like Newbee, LGD Gaming also draft a unique lineup which is pretty hard to predict for the laning stage. With the presence of xio8 in the team, LGD Gaming can destroy their opponents with quick rotations and early game momentum.

Fnatic playstyle

qN1JFnkgWith the arrival of Mushi on the roster, Fnatic have looked like a very strong opponent in The Manila Major, and did pretty well in the group stages.

Moreover, Mushi’s experience in the competitive scene helps the team tackle opponents and their strategies.

Final prediction

Based on the playstyle and experience level, Fnatic should be able to take down LGD Gaming in the best-of-three series at The Manila Major.

Series winner prediction


Chances of Fnatic to win

How much money you should bet on this series?


What is the status of this prediction?


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