Dota 2 DPC China Regional Finals Predictions

Published: Feb 14, 2022

It is the final round of the first DPC League of the 2021-22 season in China, and it begins with the first round of the upper bracket playoffs between PSG LGD and EHOME. The winning team is two steps away from the Grand Finale. They will pocket USD 50,000 along with 280 circuit points, while the runners-up take home USD 25,000 and 130 circuit points.

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PSG.LGD were challenged across a few maps by Aster and Royals Never Give Up, but managed to come out unscathed. They finished the DPC 2021-22 season with a 7-0 score line to top the pool at the end of three weeks of intense action. EHOME started well, slumped and recovered to finish fourth with a 4-3 score line. So in terms of consistency, current form and their overall plans, PSG.LGD are the overwhelming favourites going into the match.

PSG.LGD have a fine record, having won 71.28% of their 94 maps as per the latest patch of Dota 2. They have an average kill rate of 26.78, death rate of 23.18 and assist rate of 61.07. They also average as many as 40 denies per map. What PSG.LGD does well is find a way to sift through the map methodically. They are slow and calculative, well-illustrated by their finishing of maps in 37 minutes and 40 seconds when they win. This is much quicker than their overall time of 38.41 minutes.

PSG.LGD have a blockbuster player in Ame. The carry player is one of the best Chinese Dota 2 esports core players in the game. He is capable of utilising a wide range of popular heroes and has proven countless times that he can play well under pressure. That’s the reason why Ame will continue to be the most important player for his team. Does EHOME have a counter? Their hopes will hinge on planet.

EHOME had a forgettable 2021 season and have overhauled their team by bringing in a new manager and coach. These are signs of them looking for a tactical reset as they look to build forward. They will be looking up to their youngsters to carry the mantle forward. The backbone of the team are Carry Shiro and support players planet and zzq.

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Team Aster vs. Royal Never Give Up

In the second of our upper bracket playoffs, Team Aster and Royals Never Give Up will square off in what promises to be a tussle for the ages. It is a contest between two evenly-matched teams that went neck and neck for much of the season, before Aster finished second with a 5-2 record and RNG finished third, also with 5-2 but with marginally fewer maps to their credit.

Aster has the edge because they have one of the most prolific mid laners in the region in Ori. He used to play a similar role earlier for Vici Gaming before moving to Aster. And his transfer has coincided with Aster becoming a force to reckon with. He was one of the key reasons why they finished second in Division 1 and only lost to PSG.LGD and Royal Never Give Up. While it was a complete team effort, Ori’s individual performances were hard to overlook.

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